Trumbull – Occasional Report of the Guion Family as of May 31, 1942

ADG - Occasional Report of the Guion Family as of May 31, 1942.

Occasional Report of the Guion Family

as of May 31, 1942.

LAD: Address – Private Alfred P. Guion

Co. “B”, 1 Bat’n, O.R.T.C.

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md.

Left the middle of May for Camp Ayer, Mass., thence to above address. He writes: From things that have been said at various places and by various people who should know, Ordnance work and the Ordnance Dept of the U.S. Army rates second to none – – not even the engineering core. Apparently eight men out of 1000 get far enough to make the necessary qualifications for this Dep’t., And then, to make things even better, of those picked men, 2 out of 1000 get a chance to qualify for an instructors rating and the Officers Training Course. I am among the latter few, and that really makes me feel good. I just hope that I can live up to the honor when my chance comes. I believe that if things go for me as they have been planned at present, I will be stationed here at Aberdeen Proving Grounds for six months or even for the duration. In any event, ordnance men are not trained to fight except as a means of self-protection, and the main idea, roughly, is to supply the men on the lines with ammunition and equipment for fighting. We are the men behind the men on the front. Apparently I have been picked to act as an instructor in automotive repair and maintenance.

DAN: – Address – Pvt. Daniel B. Guion

Co. “B”, 30th Engineers, U.S. Army,

Roanoke Rapids, So. Car.

Has just been granted a specialist Rating in surveying. Application is pending for admission to Officers Cadet School. He writes: Aside from the inanity of Army ritual and customs, I am disgracefully happy here – – that southern hospitality stuff is truer than your northern imagination could possibly conceive – – I still don’t believe it myself, even when it happens.

CED: – Address – Cedric D. Guion

  1. O. Box 622,

Anchorage, Alaska

When last heard from (April 15th) was still a civilian employed as an airplane mechanic at Woodley Airways, Anchorage

DICK: Recently rated Class “A” by local Draft board. Subject to call at any time after passing his physical. Sleeps home days and works night at Producto Machine Co.. (100% war work), Bridgeport.

DAVE: Still enduring “Life with Father”, relieved by occasional activities at my office, high school and Trumbull social affairs.

BISS: (and two sons) busy at work as housewife and mother – – both boys husky and growing. 142 Cornwall St., Stratford, Conn.

Aunt Betty and Dad – still carrying on at same old stand. Can be reached at P.O. Box 7, Trumbull, Conn., Telephone Bridgeport 4 – 2993, or better still, by a personal visit from…. Y O U.

Tomorrow, another letter from Lad at the Ordnance Training Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.

On Saturday and Sunday I’ll have more Special Pictures for you.

Next week, I’ll be posting letters from the beginning of 1945. Dan is in France, Lad is also in France, although at the southern end while Dan is up north. Dick is in Brazil, Dave is in Okinawa and Ced remains in Alaska, continuing his airplane repairs for the military, although he remains a civilian.

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Judy Guion

4 thoughts on “Trumbull – Occasional Report of the Guion Family as of May 31, 1942

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Lots of great news…short and sweet, Nice to see the prestige of your dad’s Army position. :D

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