Special Picture # 194 – Spot – Early 1900’s


This is a picture of Spot (Can you guess how he got his name?) probably taken in the very early 1900’s. This is a quote from “Reminiscences of Alfred D. Guion”.

One day I acquired from our washerwoman a little half breed Fox terrier pup which I named Spot. He was a bright little fellow and I taught him many tricks, rollover, play dead, chase his tail, not touch the most tempting morsel held in front of him until I gave permission, beg, shake hands, speak, come to heal, stay put until I called, etc. He was quite a show off and one day I dressed him up in a little jacket and pants like a monkey, with a little hat, got out an old hand organ of my father’s that played music roles, and with myself dressed as an organ grinder, called on several neighbors who did not recognize us at first and seemed to derive much amusement from the performance until Spot’s pants fell down and we were recognized.

You can read more about Grandpa’s childhood and young adulthood by clicking on the category Alfred D. Guion – Early Years.


4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 194 – Spot – Early 1900’s

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Love the small details about an obviously beloved pet.

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