Special Picture # 195 – Marian Goes Ice Skating – Jan., 1945

I don’t recognize where they were skating and I don’t know who Dottie was. I know Jeannie (Hughes) Hayden grew up with my father and his siblings and married Chester (Chet) Hayden. I was good friends with their oldest daughter. My Mom (Marian) and Jeannie were lifelong friends. They even opened a Kindergarten at our church which ran for about 15 years before Trumbull added a Kindergarten curriculum to their public schools.


MIG - Marian (Irwin) Guion, Jeanne (Hughes) Hayden and Dottie - ice skating - Jan., 1945

Marian, Jeannie and Dottie.


MIG - Me and Jeannie H. giving Dottie the brush off - Jan., 1945

Written by Marian on the back of the photo.

At this time, Lad was in Southern France.

Another Special Picture tomorrow.

On Monday, I’ll post a week of letters written in 1941. Lad is working in Venezuela for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, which, I believe, eventually became Mobil. He will be heading home in a few months. Dick is getting excited about a trip he is going to take in a few months to deliver a car to Dan and Ced in Alaska. Dick and Dave are still living in the Trumbull house with Grandpa. Biss is living in the next town over with her husband and two young sons.

Judy Guion




4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 195 – Marian Goes Ice Skating – Jan., 1945

  1. Sue Rankin says:

    Hi Judy

    Susie here.

    I think Dottie is Dorothy MacKenzie of

    MacKenzie’s Pharmacy fame. I’ll look downstairs later today and see if Mom

    had a picture of her. I’ll let you know for sure.

    Have a great Halloween.



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