Friends – News From Peggy Bebee – Jan., 1941

This week, we have jumped back in time to 1941. Lad is still working in Venezuela for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Dan and Ced are living and working in Alaska and the two youngest, Dick and Dave, are at home in Trumbull with Grandpa. The following letter was sent to Lad and included some news about two friends he had in Trumbull. Edna Beebe is identified as the third from the left in the front row. I don’t believe her sister Peggy is in this picture.


Sunday, Jan. 26, ‘41

Dear Alfred –

Such a lovely surprise – your card! You are coming home in May, we here, but cannot wait that long to tell you we miss you, we’re looking forward to seeing you and it was good to hear from you! How’s that!?!?!? So much must’ve been happening with you, Laddie, it’s been a long time you’ve been away. If you have a chance to write before you come home, please do, but otherwise you are hereby invited for a “catching up” get together at the Bebee domicile when you return!

Let’s see what I can do in the way of news items re: the Beebe’s in this epistle. Edna and Peggy are entirely on their own now and happily (and rather “dashingly”) keeping house for themselves in an apartment.

Mother stays in Redding Ridge all the time now. She’s happier in the country and we are home so seldom. Edna was a student at Teacher’s College in New Haven until last month, but left to enter the library too. We’re both librarians now, but on our honor– not stodgy ones! Edna and a Yale senior, of whom I heartily approve, are very devoted to each other.

Laddie, you should see Edna – she’s lovely! After all the publicity she received when elected May Queen – our house was overrun with males! Walter (the Yale Senior) is both our favorite, tho’. Is that sentence correct grammatically, I wonder!?!

Peggy broke her engagement about six months ago and is much happier! In fact, life in general is extra specially good! We have friends and friends and friends and they come often and stay long!

Most of them help in our work here in the village with the children on Saturdays and after we finish, gather here for tea, music, conversation and fun. Most stay for dinner, too, and sometimes overnight! Walter usually comes Saturday night for dinner too, and any of his friends!

Last night, for instance, we were six when someone began to set the table (everyone helps) and nine when we finally sat down!  Oh, Laddie, I love it! Good friends, good music (almost everyone plays some instrument), hospitality and general goodwill!

I don’t know what kind of picture all this paints for you, but come and join us when you get home!

Take care of yourself, Laddie.

Love from all of us—


Tomorrow, we’ll have a a letter from Lad’s best friend, Gibby, then a report from the Purchasing Agent, and then one more letter from Grandpa. He’ll catch us up on all the news that’s fit to print !

Judy Guion

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