Trumbull (1) – A Car For The Alaskans – Feb., 1941

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Venezuela

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Venezuela

R-113      February 2, 1941

Dear Lad:

There are two big events in the offing. One is Dick’s leaving for Alaska next month and the other your homecoming in June. Already in imagination I have met you several times as a Grace Line boat pulls in, and I hope it won’t be messed up as it was when Dan arrived home and we were not there on time.

I got your interesting letter last Wednesday at the office, the one written January 20 telling me of the interesting New Year’s party, and enclosing the draft of the letter to the F-M (Fairbanks-Morse) people and your comments on job opportunities in Venezuela. I have rewritten the letter of application as I would suggest your sending it and have also commented on it on a separate sheet enclosed in this envelope.

You saved the most interesting news to the last, I notice, that telling of the raise to $225 a month. I’ll bet I am more thrilled at this evidence of your material advancement and this recognition of you worth than you are. Even CONGRATULATIONS in capital letters doesn’t do proper justice to the occasion. And in this connection you say that you would like to have me so arrange your funds that you may have cash on hand to (1) outfit yourself again and (2) for spending money. I will so arrange, but if you can give me some idea within $100 just what your idea is of these amounts it will make it a bit easier for me to arrange it without feeling I may be holding too much out that might otherwise be invested profitably for your advantage.

I will also take care of the McGraw bill for trade papers and in this connection I have filched about $30 from your account for Christmas gifts. I hope this will not seem too much.

The Alaskan branch of the family is quite insistent that Dick catch the first boat for Alaska in the spring which according to Ced’s last letter sails from Seattle on March 20. They base this on the fact, aside from the fact that they want their car to use as soon as possible, that the housing shortage up there even now is acute and with the influx of new folks in the spring lured by the promise of jobs due to government building activity, the chances are that latecomers may not only find it difficult and expensive to find living quarters but may also miss out on jobs that will be available to the early comers. For this reason, now that the car has been bought, Dick plans to start somewhere around March 1, depending somewhat on what further dope we get from Anchorage. Dick is quite disappointed that he will not see you, so he “can really get acquainted with his big brother” and has been trying to talk me into taking a two or three months vacation when you get home so that you and Dave and myself can take a trip to Alaska. Of course, the time away from my business and the expense is my problem and is dismissed with a wave of the hand.

This is the first half of a letter written by Grandpa to Lad in Venezuela. I’ll post be conclusion tomorrow.

On Saturday and Sun day, I’ll be posting more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


5 thoughts on “Trumbull (1) – A Car For The Alaskans – Feb., 1941

  1. Mrs. P says:

    So close to a reunion…and yet so far. Darned those grown up responsibilities!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – Dick was able to see Lad in the fall of 1941 when he returned from Alaska. Lad didn’t see Ced for at least 5 years, I think, And Grandpa didn’t see his sons for long stretches during the war. Late December of 1946 was a REAL FAMILY REUNION after Dan returned from France with his wife and daughter. All the boys were together again in Trumbull.

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