A Tribute To Marian Irwin Guion – 11.11.1915 – 12.16.2004

Today would have been Mom’s 100th birthday so I thought I’d show you her life in a few pictures.

Marian Irwin and gg grandmother - 1915

Marian Dunlap Irwin and her great-great-grandmother Ryder.

Marian in a Doctor's Bag - March, 1916

Marian Irwin sometime early in 1916

MIG - Marian Dunlap Irwin - 11 Months - 1916

Marian Irwin at 11 months, August, 1916

MIG - Marian Ryder Irwin, Marian Dunlap Irwin, Homer Irwin, May, 1917

Marian (Rider) Irwin holding Homer Irwin with Marian Dunlap Irwin standing – 1917

MIG - Marian and Homer (Scrub) @ 1918

Marian and Homer in 1918

MIG - Marian Irwin and her brother Homer at a table @1919

Marian and her brother, Homer, in 1919



 Marian Dunlap Irwin - Berkley High School - 1933

Marian Dunlap Irwin – Berkley High School – 1933

MIG - Marian Irwin about 1932

Marian Irwin about 1934

Marian Dunlap Irwin - SFSU - 1937

Marian Dunlap Irwin – San Francisco State University – 1937

MIG - Marian and friend ready for a bike outing - 1939

Marian and a friend, ready for a ride, in 1939

MIG - Marian Irwin at New York World's Fair - 1939

Marian and a friend

at the New York World’s Fair – 1939


Lad and Marian - 1943

Lad and Marian – early in                     1943


Lad and Marian Guion's wedding, Nov. 14, 1943 (both standing)

Lad and Marian’s wedding 

November 14, 1943

MIG - Marian and Jean bringing in Christmas Tree - 1944

Marian and Dick’s wife, Jean, wChristmas of 1944

Marian Irwin Guion at Trumbull - 1945  (cropped)

Marian in Trumbull – 1945

MIG - Jean Mortenson Guion and Marian Irwin Guion, June, 1945

Dick’s wife, Jean, and Marian – June, 1945

APG - Lad and Marian in kitchen @ 1945

Lad and Marian, end of  1945

Lad and Marian Guion, 1943

This is the color shot used for the Christmas card in 1945 below

(I cropped Lad out)

APG - Christmas card - 1945

Christmas Card – 1945

APG & MIG - whole family sitting next to driveway - summer - 1949

Marian, Judy, Greg, Lynn, Doug and Lad

Summer – 1949

APG - Lad and Marian - @ 1968

Marian and Lad in 1968

APG - The entire family - Christmas, 1989

Lad (in red shirt) and Marian (in turquoise dress)

with all their grandchildren – 1989

APG - Lad and Marian on a cruise - @ 1990

Marian and Lad on a cruise through the Panama Canal – 1990

APG - Lad and Marian - 1999

Marian and Lad at their home in 1999

Marian Dunlap Irwin lived to 89 with over 60 years spent with Lad. They had 8 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. They were devoted to each other.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the last part of a letter Grandpa wrote to Lad, Dan and Ced, along with some local news. On Friday, a letter from Lad after a few days of Guard Duty.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


16 thoughts on “A Tribute To Marian Irwin Guion – 11.11.1915 – 12.16.2004

  1. What a great way to honour your mother and wasn’t she charming!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilary – Thank you. As a child, I had no idea how charming she was, or that she had such a sense of humor and vitality. She was just “my Mom”. With these letters I have been given the opportunity to get to know her as a person, and that is priceless.

  2. Arla says:

    Judy, I love this post with your Mom through the years. She was a beautiful woman…always dressed so nicely, too. Happy 100th Birthday, Aunt Marian!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Arla – Thank you. I had so many pictures that I wanted to add but felt it was better to highlight the different stages in her life. Thank you for your complimentary comments. We have many shared memories of her, don’t we?

  3. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday. What a wonderful post.

  4. Patty B says:

    How exciting it must have been to go through the Panama Canal on a cruise, I am sure it brought back tons of memories.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Patty – My Dad had always wanted to. He debarked in Venezuela before the ship went through the Canal. Then, when his unit was sent to Okinawa, He was left behind because he had gone to his brother Dan’s wedding the weekend they shipped out. He and another soldier gathered the material and supplies and loaded them on a ship bound for Okinawa. The US bombed Hiroshima when he was about 200 miles east of the Canal and the ship turned and headed north to New York. It was a dream of his to make the trip and they finally did. It was memorable for both of them.

  5. Mrs. P says:

    Wow…great pictures…and so many grand and great grand children! I knew the date of the 1919 picture before I read it because my grandmother had a picture of that great big white bow around the same time! Love the photo with all the grandchildren. Happy Birthday, Marian!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – That picture is especially important because it is the ONLY picture where Lad and Marian are joined by all their children and grandchildren. Because they all lived in California, and I was on the east coast, we were never all together at the same time. My girls and I arrived at San Francisco Airport for Christmas, were picked up and driven to Sears. The picture was taken. Then my brother drove two of his children to San Francisco airport so they could fly to Arizona to spend Christmas with their mother. We were all together for a total of about 4 hours !! That picture almost didn’t happen.

  6. GP Cox says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day – may they ALL be remembered!!

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