Army Life – Guard Duty Puts Lad To Sleep – June, 1942





Aberdeen letter with Lad's normal script

                 Aberdeen letter with Lad’s normal script

Aberdeen letter when Lad is really tired

                        Aberdeen letter when Lad is really tired

June 8, 1942

Dear Dad: –

Since we went on guard duty rather suddenly Sunday noon and did not get off until 6 AM this morning, I did not get a chance to write yesterday and if I can stay awake long enough tonight I’ll finish this letter.

During the week I learned that sometime this week, probably Thursday, I will have to go out on bivouac, so I won’t be able to get home this weekend. And again, the weekend of the 21st is unsettled. More information on that when I know.

I was a member of Relief # 1 so my guard duties began at noon yesterday. I walked from then until 2 PM in the broiling sun and my feet and muscles were really tired. Then, due to the fact that my back was not accustomed to carrying a rifle and a gas mask, my shoulders and back were really aching. The four hours I had off were not enough to overcome the effects. Then two more hours – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and another all too short 4 hour sleep. Then finally, again, 12:00 to 2:00 in the morning. By this time I was pretty well worn out. I got into bed and had just gotten to sleep when we had a call to arms and a simulation of actual war conditions. Therefore, I am pretty tired now, not having had much sleep and in a short time I have to fall out for retreat formation. By the time that I finish that and have had supper, I really don’t know if I will be able to finish this letter. In fact, I just fell asleep and that accounts for the crossed out words. I think that I had better stop now. Remember me to all please.



APG - Aberdeen Proving Grounds insignia

This paper is printed by the Adams Paper Company of Holyoke, Mass., And I was wondering if the Mr. Adams I met a couple of times in your office was connected with that Company. It seems to me that he also came from Mass?

Well, Dad, it is getting close to 7:00 p.m. and since we have to get up so dog – gone early tomorrow, I think that I’d better retire. So until the next letter, adios.

My love to all – – – –


Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be posting more Special Pictures.

On Monday I’ll begin posting letters written in 1945. Lad and Dan are both in France, Ced is still in Alaska, Dick is in Brazil and Dave is in Okinawa.Grandpa’s boys were all over the globe.

Judy Guion


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