Special Picture # 199 – Lad And Marian’s Wedding – 11.14.1943

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)  and Marian Dunlap Irwin were married 72 years ago today. The ceremony was held in The  Little Chapel of the Flowers in Berkeley, CA.

The Little Chapel of the Flowers, Berkeley, California (postcard ca. 1943) The Hull & Durgin funeral home with its Little Chapel of the Flowers (built in 1923 and 1928, respectively) on Adeline Street is one of Berkeley’s most remarkable examples of Storybook-style architecture. In addition to serving as a mortuary chapel, the chapel was a popular wedding chapel during the '40s and ’50s. Later connverted to offices and shops, the chapel has been the home of Marmot Mountain Works since 1976.: Hull Durgin, Wedding Chapels, Built In, Offices, Durgin Funeral, Flower Built, California Postcards, Funeral Homes



lad-and-marians-wedding-announcement-nov-14-1943 cropped

Mr. and Mrs. Mowry A. Irwin

announce the marriage of their daughter



Alfred P. Guion

Army of the United States

on Sunday, the fourteenth of November

Nineteen Hundred and Forty-three

Berkeley, California

MIG - Engagement announcement in The Pasadena Review


Romance Revealed At Sunday Afternoon Tea

Miss Marian Irwin, Camp Fire Girls executive of South Pasadena is the bride elect of Sergeant Alfred Guion of the United States Army. This news was made known to 25 friends who were entertained at a Tea on Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. Randall Irvine of 1571 La Senda Place.

Little scrolls, bearing the names of the betrothed couple, were attached to gardenia corsages, which were given to each guest. Pouring at the tea table decorated with pink and white flowers, were Mrs. Irvine and Mrs. James S. Woolacott, while Miss Betty Irvine assisted in greeting the guests at the door.

Miss Irwin, who was attired in a black skirt with powder blue blouse with sequined trim, wore a gardenia and bouvardia corsage. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mowry A. Irwin of Orinda, California, and is a graduate of the San Francisco State College. Before coming to South Pasadena a year ago to serve as Camp Fire Girl executive, she taught in the schools at Bakersfield.

Sergeant Guion is a son of A. D. Guion of Trumbull, Connecticut. He is stationed at the Santa Anita Army Ordnance Training Center.

The wedding will take place on November 14 at Orinda, after which the couple will return to South Pasadena to make their home. The future bride will continue with her Camp Fire work.

Lad and Marian Guion's wedding, Nov. 14, 1943 (both standing)

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Guion

Alfred Peabody Guion and Marian Dunlap Irwin Guion, Nov. 14, 1943

Alfred Peabody Guion and Marian Dunlap            Irwin Guion, Nov. 14, 1943

Lad and Marian Guion's wedding, with her parents - Nov. 14, 1943

Mr. and Mrs. Mowry A. Irwin and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Guion

Peg Irwin, Maid-of-Honor and Marian Guion, Nov. 14, 1943 - with hats and coursages

Margaret Irwin, sister and Maid of Honor, and Marian Irwin Guion.

Wedding cake - 1943

             Wedding cake – 1943


6 thoughts on “Special Picture # 199 – Lad And Marian’s Wedding – 11.14.1943

  1. One photograph brings a thousand memories. Your photographs are a treasure trove. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mrs. P says:

    What a nice collection of photos celebrating their union.

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