Special Picture # 200 – 1934 Chicago World’s Fair

During the summer of 1934, a year after the death of his Mother Arla, at the age of 17, my Uncle Ced hitchhiked from Trumbull, Connecticut to Wisconsin and North Dakota  to see where his mother had grown up and to meet his relatives who remained in the area. Along the way, he spent 4 days at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. Here are some of his souvenirs.

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Enchanted Island

Post Card – The Enchanted Island

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Enchanted Island) (2)

Ced writes: “Walked around the outside of this place but did not go in: mostly pleasure park amusement for small children.”

The caption in the lower right-hand corner reads: A child’s dream of Fairyland come true. Youngsters have the time of their lives in this enchanted spot.”


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