Special Picture # 202 – My First Birthday Party – June, 1947

This is a picture of my first birthday party. It is in the Dining Room in the Trumbull House.

JAGGH - !st Birthday party, family shot

Left to right – Grandpa, Aunt Betty, Marian behind Doug,

Biss (Elizabeth) behind me, Marty, Dan and Arla’s hair in the lower left.

JAGGH - 1st Birthday, Marian, Doug and Judy (cropped)

This is a close-up of Marian (expecting her 2nd child in two months),

Doug and Judy at our First Birthday party. Mom always made a cake for each of us,

and I continued the tradition for my twins.

12 thoughts on “Special Picture # 202 – My First Birthday Party – June, 1947

  1. I love your solemn expressions.

  2. Mrs. P says:

    How wonderful to see these images! I think that it was terrific that you each got your own cake! You must be the chocolate lover in the family. Grandpa looks so happy in the first one!

    Isn’t unusual to have back to back twins? I thought they skipped a generation. Are you and Doug still close?

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – Maybe I can blame my Mom for my passion for dark chocolate !!!

      Skipping a generation is a fallacy. For fraternal twins, it depends on many factors, including the mother’s age, race, where she lives and how many children she has had.

      Doug and I were such opposites in all things, we were never really close. He was quiet and mechanically minded, just like Lad. I was adventurous (as you’ll see in a future Special Picture), friendly, outgoing, more like Marian. I was the leader and he was the follower. I didn’t understand him and I’m sure he didn’t understand me !!!

  3. I make 3 cakes/ cupcakes for my triplets, and we sing happy birthday 3 times. Everyone deserves their time to shine.

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