Trumbull – Your New Nephew and It’s A Buick – Feb., 1941

Dan, Ced and car

       Dan, Ced and  Buick

R-113 dated at Trumbull, this 2nd day of February, 1941

Dear Dan and Ced:

Your new nephew is to be named Martin — at least so his mother tells me. She told Zeke that she didn’t want to repeat what happened last time when it was a week or 10 days after the baby was born that they finally decided upon a name. If it was a girl it was to be called Arla Elizabeth but if a boy and Zeke hadn’t decided on a name she was going to call him Peter. So Zeke chose Martin, much to David’s disgust. Elizabeth thinks she will be able to come home from the hospital Monday and is asked if I can bring them home in my car in that event as Zeke is working nights now and she must leave the hospital before the six o’clock day ends.

Well, here’s the news you have been waiting for. It’s a Buick, and it’s black. That is the only specification you made that I have not fulfilled. I tried my best to get 1938 car for $400 but in order to do so I would’ve had to take either a cheap car or a better car in very poor condition. I have been keeping my eye on used car ads lately and don’t feel I have done so badly. I only hope you will think the same. Details are given in the attached sheet. Arnold, too, felt you were a bit optimistic expecting to get 1938 car for $400. So far, with the money you and Dan have sent home there was about $350 available, and as I had to close the deal quickly to prevent someone else from getting the car, I advanced the balance myself. The actual figures are as follows: Dan’s credits $322.16, Ced’s $25, total $347.16. Cost $400, registration $4.50, extra keys $.35, or total expense of $404.85, a difference of $57.69, plus any further expense you may authorize for insurance, new batteries, Prestone instead of Zerone (a refined alcohol, not to be confused with zerex – a new DuPont product to take the place of Prestone) or other expensive as to labor or parts which you may authorize. And while on the subject, I wondered if you wanted me to buy at wholesale from the manufacturers (Bridgeport Chain, one of my clients)  a new set of deluxe chains for Dick to take with him. I imagine they would cost a lot more in Alaska. I also noticed that a number of the cars here back east are equipped with luggage carriers that are arranged to fasten to the curved top of cars to carry baggage strapped so as to be out of the way. I don’t know what they cost but perhaps the Sears Roebuck catalog will supply the answer.

You will be interested in a letter received by Dick yesterday from Rusty, as follows: “I think you can count on me to go with you and would like to know if there is room for another. All this is confidential between the Guion’s and yours truly, please. And what will it cost per person? And how do you intend to eat? I can get transportation to Seattle, Alaska S.S. Co., but would rather take the Discoverer or Hassiloff – Burger’s boats. Have you made any inquiries yet on sailings and gotten your reservations? Well, let’s hear from you soon. Sit down now. Al will lend you a pencil and use an old piece of wrapping paper if you can’t find anything else. Best wishes to Mack and all.”

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the rest of this letter covering comments from Dick and news of other Trumbulites.

Judy Guion


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