News About Arnold and Advice About The Income Tax – Feb., 1941


page 2 of R-113   2/2/1941

Richard (Dick) Peabody Guion

      Richard (Dick)               Peabody Guion

Dick also tells me that Arnold is writing to you boys and also to Lad, the latter having talked some time ago of going to Alaska with Arnold, on the chance that after Lad gets back, they might together drive out with the trailer, sell their car in Seattle and ship the trailer to Alaska. An alternative is for Arnold to leave alone with Dick, with Alta to follow later, when he earns the money, possibly getting someone at that time to drive the trailer out, possibly Alfred. I may not have these facts just right but that is the way I understood it from Dick who was not too sure of the facts himself.

To change the subject completely, there is something I have been intending to write to all three of you boys about for several weeks, but I’ve always thought of it after my letters were mailed. It is the matter of income tax. There is a very stiff penalty for those who do not make a return, as should. This year all single persons making over $800 must file a return. That probably means each of you must get your report in before March 15, and if you want to profit by my experience, you will not wait until March 14 to start figuring it out for the calendar year of 1940. And by the way, just so a cross check will not show anybody up, I have considered in figuring my own income tax thatLlad’s $50 a month, Dan’s $12 and Ced’s $25, all as gifts because as such I do not have to pay income tax on them as income, so when it comes to these items in making your declarations, please list them in the same manner, if you have to include them at all.

No letters from Alaska last week which may mean poor mail service and not necessarily that you have not written. I am a bit concerned, however, about having all details as to Dick’s trip, etc., settled soon, as the uncertain time in getting letters from Anchorage makes it unwise to wait too long about making reservations. We could do it here of course but there again we don’t want to cross wires if you have already made reservations for Dick at your end. I hope to get some further word from you tomorrow on this point.

Elizabeth is quite thrilled with her mukluks which she received from Dan. I have not seen them as she told me about it when I visited her in the hospital Friday.

I am still running around with the Buick right front fender bashed in due to the fact that because I need a car daily for business purposes I could not spare it for the two days it will have to be laid up to make the repairs, but now that the other car is available, I have arranged to use this for two days and have the work done. I guess I told you that Dick had sold the old Packard for $40. I want him to get it out of the barn as soon as possible so that TO-71 will have a place to bed down at night.

Dick and Dave have gone to the Shelton Rink to skate while I have been spending most of the afternoon working upstairs, cleaning out my medicine cabinet which has been freshly painted inside, and also making some repairs to the holes in the floor of the North West bedroom in anticipation of its being painted. It has been re-papered in the yellow toned paper, with a  little green flower. The floor I am going to paint a dark green. The woodwork has been repainted white.

It’s now getting on toward my bedtime, so buenos notches.


Tomorrow, a letter to Dan and Ced from a friend in Homer, Alaska. On Thursday and Friday, a letter from Grandpa to Lad with some advice, a proposed letter from Lad to Fairbanks-Morse asking about a possible job when he returns to  the United States and Grandpa’s comments on the letter.

On Saturday and Sunday, some more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


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