Friends – All About Homesteading In Homer, Alaska – Feb., 1941

Homer, Alaska

Feb. 2, 1941

Dear Cedric and Dan:-

I shouldn’t put Dan’s name on here, as we have never heard from him. We have thought of you all quite a bit, and wondered if you were still in Alaska. It was a very pleasant surprise when your letter came.

Yes, Homer now is getting airmail twice a month, we will be on the map yet. (Map like Ann or Bud’s writing. My husband hit the table twice, he said he should’ve hit it three times).

I am glad you have had employment since you have been in Alaska. It seems as tho that is one thing at the present, that is easy to get.

You said you all have joined a ski club. I had my first lesson today, did better than expected, of course I fell. Ann and Buddy have been skiing quite a bit and do fine. Ann likes it better than Buddy, I believe. We had quite a bit of snow this last week. From what we heard on the radio, Anchorage did right well also.

We had a very nice trip on the luxury liner “Cordova” as you called it. The purser did himself proud, he went from one extreme to another. We had the largest cabin on the boat. The only objection I had to it was I had the Davis family in it all the time. They didn’t like Homer, and went back to California in October, I believe it wise. They didn’t like it here, as they were up on the hill, and had no way to get anywhere, but walk. I asked him if he expected bus service, where you homestead, as they were going to do. We have about 30 miles of road here which I think is very good when a place is up for homesteading. That’s the way with some people.

We had a Xmas card from Vivian, that was the first we had heard from her. I want to write to her sometime in the future.

You asked if we had much of a crop this year. Well, I felt like we had an extra large one. I had to harvest it all by myself. The first time I ever dug potatoes, and we had between 15 and 20 bags, which were hundred pound bags, and everything else according. As I said before it seemed immense to me. I have done things this last year I never expected to do. If a “city gal” wants to learn things just come to Alaska and Homestead. We arrived here July 5th and my husband left the next morning, got back  August 12th, was home long enough to put the second floor in and left again with a survey crew and didn’t get back until October. I guess I’ll live through it, I’m not sure tho. I’m not so very fond of Alaska, but it isn’t much I can do about it, I have three of us.

You said Dan is working at the airbase. My husband has been thinking about going to Anchorage this spring instead of the cannery, but heard today, starting in the spring, you have to work for a year, is this so? Would you please write and let us know if this is true. We heard all kinds of reports here, and would like to know if this one is true. I sure would hate to be here alone for a year, as there is quite a bit to be done to the house yet. I can’t think of anything more, so will sign off for this time. Write again soon as we all enjoyed your letter.

Gladys, Ann and Rowan Watson

(This is Buddy)


P.S. I forgot to say that I received a wedding announcement from Mama Helene, but that is all. I have heard from her, but of course I couldn’t expect anything else, as I have never written to her. I am tho, some day soon. In fact, I have just about 10 letters to write. I did right well today. I have written 4, besides going to Sunday school, and skiing. We have to walk about 2 miles to S.S. I went in snow to my knees this A.M. that is one reason I put Hugh’s skis on this afternoon.

Ann and Rowan said to tell you to try hard to get your (lice), I mean license and come to see us this next summer.

We had a mock wedding on the Cordova for Helene. Had all men in it. Do you remember the pug nose baldheaded fellow on the McKinley that got so tight that day at Ketchikan, you should have seen him. He had dressed up in my house coat as bridesmaid. “The Admiral” was the groom and he would make a good actor, as bad as I hate it to admit it. All in all we had a fine wedding.

Tomorrow and Friday, a draft of a letter to Fairbanks-Morse that Grandpa is suggesting Lad send them asking for a job when he returns to the United States from Venezuela.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion



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