Special Picture # 213 – Lad And Marian’s 1950 Christmas Card

Last year, I posted Grandpa’s Christmas cards, at least the ones I have. This year, I’m going to post the Christmas cards Lad and Marian sent. Since I have many more of those, I will be posting them for the entire month of December. I will also post a few of my favorites from Grandpa in correct chronological order. Enjoy.

APG - 1950 Christmas card

APG - 1950 Reject # 1

APG - 1950 reject #2

APG - 1950 reject # 3

APG - 1950 reject #  4

APG - 1950 reject # 5

APG - 1950 reject # 6

This is just a small sample of all the pictures Lad took, with two different cameras. It included group shots and individual shots. I have dozens of pictures from each “shoot”. Greg even changed his shirt – I have no idea what happened. This was an all-Sunday-afternoon thing and we hated it until we finally became resigned. (It did get better as we got older.)


4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 213 – Lad And Marian’s 1950 Christmas Card

  1. Funny how perspectives change. It must have been like herding cats for your father, but as you say, worth it all round now.

  2. What a cheery-looking crowd you are.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilary – Believe me when I say we did NOT like these afternoons. It meant hours of photo taking by my Dad. I will admit now, though, that I’m glad Lad and Marian insisted that we do this. These pictures are PRICELESS !! 😀

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