Special Picture # 215 – Lad And Marian’s 1952 Christmas Card

Last year, I posted Grandpa’s Christmas cards, at least the ones I have. This year, I’m going to post the Christmas cards Lad and Marian sent. Since I have many more of those, I will be posting them for the entire month of December. I will also post a few of my favorites from Grandpa in correct chronological order. Enjoy.

APG - 1952 Christmas card - reject # 1

If I remember correctly, this was the one Christmas card picture that took FOREVER !! The Sheet with the Christmas Tree and cut-outs was set up in front of the fireplace in the living room. There wasn’t really a lot of room behind it. My Dad would have to set the timer and then rush to get in the picture. Sometimes he didn’t make it, sometimes – as you can see, we all were not looking at the camera. We might even have had to set it up and do it again the next Sunday.

APG - 1952 Christmas card - the one they chose

I believe this is the picture they chose, even though both Doug and Greg seem distracted and not centered in their cut-outs. 

APG - 1952 Christmas card

I’m sure they were not really thrilled with this final card. My guess is that the picture was too big and the top of Lad’s head had to be cut off in order to fit in the pre-designed design. 


2 thoughts on “Special Picture # 215 – Lad And Marian’s 1952 Christmas Card

  1. Mrs. P says:

    So creative!

    Why didn’t thet chop from the bottom? You can see who they are and jou can always sign your name to it.

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