Special Picture # 220 – Lad And Marian’s 1955 Christmas Card

Last year, I posted Grandpa’s Christmas cards, at least the ones I have. This year, I’m going to post the Christmas cards Lad and Marian sent. Since I have many more of those, I will be posting them for the entire month of December. I will also post a few of my favorites from Grandpa in correct chronological order. Enjoy.

APG - 1955 Christmas card

I don’t know how there came to be two different designs for Lad and Marian’s Christmas cards this year, but there are.

APG - 1955 Christmas card - with message

Since this one has their name on it, I would guess that this design went out to more people.

APG - 1955 Christmas card with message to Margaret (Irwin) Mitchell

This message was on the back of the second Christmas card. It was sent to Marian’s sister, Margaret (Peggy) and was returned to me after Aunt Peggy passed away by her oldest daughter. It reads:

Wish we were

saying this in

person – It would be

so much fun to have

everyone together – we’d

have to hire a huge

hall but it would be

worth it – Hope Dede

is feeling better –

All my love



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