Special Picture # 222 – Grandpa’s 1957 Christmas Card

Last year, I posted Grandpa’s Christmas cards, at least the ones I have. This year, I’m going to post the Christmas cards Lad and Marian sent. Since I have many more of those, I will be posting them for the entire month of December. I will also post a few of my favorites from Grandpa in correct chronological order. Enjoy.

ADG - 1957 Christmas card - LIFE - cover

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 1-2


When one reaches, as Washington Irving phrases it, “that happy age when one can be idle with impunity”, he sometimes falls into a philosophical mood and admits that the individual he has now become is the combined results of certain outstanding past experiences, plus the personal impact of sundry friends – – (and you are one of these or you wouldn’t be getting this card). Perhaps the strongest continuing influence has been that of his own immediate family; so that in large measure this annual reaffirmation of goodwill toward those for whom one feels a special time of affection, becomes in effect, a FAMILY. That is why in the following pages we include some adventures “in outer space” of other members of the family.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 3-4


“A Notable Wedding”


Gradually, over the years, I have had the satisfactory experience of seeing one after the other of my children happily married – – had that is, in the case of, all except Ced. But why that one exception? Kind, generous, self-sacrificing said, like to buy everyone and possessing all the ingredients making for a good husband and father in a happy home! Well, it’s an exception no more! At last his ideal dream girl came along to complete the family marriage record and at the same time make his admiring father quite content with his new daughter, and just recently with his 15th grandchild. So this message starts on its way significant currently inspired by the counterpart of another December birth proclaimed by Angels so many years ago.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page5-6


One of life’s deepest regrets was my financial inability, following the dire events of 1929 and the subsequent death of my wife, to provide college educations for my children. I had had to obtain my own the hard way over a three-year period to days and nights of alternate work and study. Circumstances deprived my children of even that opportunity except for short specialized courses undertaken by Lad and Dan. Aided by the moral encouragement and willing sacrifice of his helpmate, Dave’s University of Bridgeport diploma means almost as much to his father as it does to Dave and Ellie.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 7-8


Dick, along with all my other children, had always enjoyed the family’s annual summer trip to our little island camp on Lake Winnipesaukee; so after choosing his pretty Stratford bride (his father, as justice of the peace, tying the knot), and doing his stint for Uncle Sam in Brazil, they mutually decided to make New Hampshire their home. There, in an attractive old New England homestead which they bought and modernized, surrounded by generous acres of land, they are bringing up two of my wonderful little granddaughters. How hospitable they invariably are when throughout the summer other members of the family take advantage of their proximity to our island!

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 9-10


Like the clown who said he enjoyed banging his head against a brick wall because it felt so good when he stopped, I enjoyed my winters stay in Florida partly because it’s always so enjoyable to get back home in Trumbull with the family and especially the grandchildren. Naples, on Florida’s West Coast, is indeed a lovely place in which to spend the winter and I could be completely happy in this Gulf Coast Haven if I could transport all the Guion’s there to. As a matter of fact, I’d settle for even one of my six branches to share the Florida sunshine with me.


Due to popular demand, “Life with Father” has been booked for another full year’s run – (God Willing).

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page11-12


Lad and Marian have solidly identified themselves with Trumbull life – – Lad with his service station here for a number of years, and Marian as a member of the Trumbull board of education and originator and dynamo of Trumbull’s only kindergarten school under church auspices. Participation in church and community responsibilities, with concurrent devotion to the upbringing of four promising youngsters, goes hand-in-hand with the serene and happy home life – – a heritage which the youngsters will appreciate in the years to come even more than they do today. None of the family groups enjoy more the annual vacation visit to our Island, nor have any contributed more to its improvement.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 13-14


On both my mothers and fathers side, family roots were deeply embedded in the soil of France before the Huguenots were driven from their native land. It took my second oldest son, Dan, following his Army service in Europe to restore ancient land ties with the old world by choosing for himself a charming French bride and immeasurably enriching the families future with five attractive and well behaved hostages to the Guion fortune. Keeping pace with food requirements for a family of seven paired with their mother’s ability to keep the children neatly and tastefully dressed leaves Dan with little leisure time. Is earning ability fortunately meets the test as well as being able to supply their home with what Mark Twain terms “all the modern inconveniences”.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page15-16


The first of my children to embark on the sea of matrimony was my only daughter, Elizabeth. (Biss to the family.) She and Raymond Zabel (Zeke two eyes), one of Trumbull’s native sons, have not only established their own comfortable home in nearby Huntington, but also Pioneer in making possible the first college boy in the families current generation. As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Raymond, Jr., merits the admiration of his younger brother, Martin, and his little sister Arla. Their mother, I am proud to say, embodies many of the endearing traits of her lovely mother, whom she grows to resemble more and more as the years go by.

ADG - 1957 Christmas Card - LIFE - page 17-18



News From Outer Space

          Stratford inhabitants were startled upon glancing over the front page items in the November 23 addition of their local paper defined news of Budnick relegated to the inside pages and replaced by headlines announcing the arrival (a bit ahead of schedule) of ARTHUR CEDRIC GUION, weight 7 pounds and three and half ounces.

          Aside from its effect upon population as a census figure, or from the financial aspect of an income tax exemption, the addition of this youngest member of staff marks him as the 15th of the younger generation of grandchildren. With such parents, a brilliant future is predicted for this young man.


If you have read between the lines in the foregoing pages you may perhaps have discerned an identifying thread running throughout. “Behold”, say the psalmist, “how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Many times even in smaller families the years bring differences of opinion among its members. Those coming into the family circle through marriage sometimes are in compatible with other units, geographical distances we can home ties, differing views over inheritances cause squabbles, until sometimes once neighbors or friends seemed closer than blood relations. How fortunate I am in the unity and good fellowship that pervade among sons and daughters, spreading his peaceful warmth over their dad’s Indian summer. May this same spirit of peace and goodwill shine through this Christmas greeting to you from all of us Guion’s, and particularly the




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