Special Picture # 226 – Grandpa’s 1960 Christmas Card

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Vignettes - topADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Vignettes - bottom

This is what the card actually looked like. It is about 10″ x 13″. I have scanned smaller portions so you can see the detail.

ADG - 1960 Christmas card - Vignettes of Life - opening


by A.D. Guion and Families

Back home again from a trip to the Orient in time to check up on the various Guion activities.

Wayward Donna succeeded in completely wrecking Grandpa’s Florida trailer but spared the New Hampshire Island retreat at Lake Winnipesaukee.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Grandpa Arrives Home From Florida

(Artist Ed Cullen’s caricature of Grandpa returning home)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Lad and Marian

Lad, Marian and four children (two now teenagers) are each helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

(Ed Cullen’s caricature shows Lad driving a Frouge Construction Company (his employer) trailer and Steam Shovel on the way to Marian’s Kindergarten School, with four children looking on, Greg on a bike with a baseball bat (a game he still plays), Lynn on a scooter and the two teenagers standing on the side of the road, looking on, too grownup for children’s games.)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dan and Chiche

Dan continues to take engineering problems in his stride with time to spare to join Chiche in community activities, P.T.A., etc., along with caring for five active youngsters. You can see Dan has sights set on a new sub-division expected in May.

(Ed Cullen’s caricature shows Dan saying, “Hold it steady, Cedric.” Chiche (Paulette, his French bride) is saying,”Lunch is served.” The streets are the names of the other Children: Bruce Lane, Arla Boulevard, Wendy Drive, Michele Avenue – not in birth order) with a sixth child expected in May.)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Ced and Fannie

Ced and Fannie have started on a new life and business in Keene, New Hampshire. The future looks bright for little Artie and Neil and their devoted parents.

(Ed Cullen’s caricature includes  Sikorsky Aircraft (where Ced worked and was a pilot,  but their new business is United Rent-Alls in Keene, New Hampshire.)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dick and Jean

Dick and Jean, Sue (now in school) and Marilyn carry on the Guion tradition in their New England homestead as family pioneers in New Hampshire.

(Ed Cullen’s caricature shows Dick getting ready to go out on Lake Winnipesaukee with Jean and two little girls, with his workplace, Scott & Williams Knitting Machines, Meredith, New Hampshire, in the background.)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Biss and Zeke

Bilss and Zeke have attained the dignity of having two boys at college, Martin at UConn., Ray at U. of Bridgeport.

(In Ed Cullen’s caricature, Biss is picking Zeke up at work at the Singer Sewing Machine Company with both boys and a young daughter, Arla, in the back seat. One of the boys is saying, “Pop never moves that fast in the morning.”)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dave and Ellie

Dave and Ellie have acquired two new family torch bearers of great promise — Davie and Robin.

(In Ed Cullen’s caricature, Dave, Ellie and Davie are standing in front of the Remington-Rand factory where Dave works, looking at a billboard that is announcing, “Our newest adoption to our ‘Little Shaver Line’ is the small Lady-model “ROBIN”

quiet… gentle…dependable 

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Vignettes - message

The Christmas card was folded in thirds, with the address on the front and this message in view after opening up the seal.

ADG - 1960 Christmas message from Grandpa


To paraphrase a well-known verse:

“The world is so full of serious things

We should all now try to be as happy as Kings”

—  not that I believe the few remaining monarchs still enthroned these days are particularly happy, but it would seem worth while to forget for a moment the world tensions and crises and take time out to view our own little family circle activities in a lighter vein.

So in a spirit of good-will to all, I offer this family revue believing you will discern between the lines a sincere hope — a personal wish — that this sacred season for you may be a truly joyous one of peace and contentment within your own family circle. The older I get the more important such things seem to be.

(signed) A D Guion

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Santa


6 thoughts on “Special Picture # 226 – Grandpa’s 1960 Christmas Card

  1. Mrs. P says:

    I love this card! The Christmas message hit home to me…I’ve had this very thought on my mind quite a bit…I do hope many others have it as well.

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