Special Picture # 235 – New Year’s Eve

To finish out the year, I’ve decided to post pictures of various Holiday events that my father, Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) took. These pictures were taken after the letters ended (when Ced returned from Alaska in October of 1946) so they will not fall into the normal range of the letters. Enjoy.

I believe my parents hosted many New Year’s Eve parties in the Big House while we lived there. This one included their closest friends, many who also joined us, with their families, at the Island in New Hampshire.

APG - The Gang - New Year's Eve, 1945

Back row: Chester Hayden, Jeanne (Hughes) Hayden, a couple I don’t know, Harold Neville (?), Lad Guion,

Middle row: Barbara (Plumb) Linsley, Marian (Irwin) Guion, Jane (Claud-Mantle) Hall, Peggy Neville (?),

In front: Pete Linsley, Charlie Hall.

(Jeanne Hughes, Barbara Plumb, Jane Claud-Mantle, Charlie Hall and Pete Linsley grew up with my Dad  in Trumbull)

Lad Guion, Charlie Hall, ____, Marian Guion, New Year's Eve, 1945

L to R: Lad Guion, Charlie Hall, unknown female, Marian Guion.

APG - New Year's Eve Party at Trumbull House

L to R: Pete Linsley, Barbara Linsley, Jeanne (Hughes) Hayden, Background: Harold Neville (?) and unknown male.

APG - New Year's Eve Party at the Trumbull House

L to R: Harold Neville (?), Barbara (Plumb) Linsley, Jane (Claud-Mantle) Hall, unknown male.


4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 235 – New Year’s Eve

  1. Mrs. P says:

    My family did a lot of these as well…fond memories! Happy New Year, Judy!

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