Special Picture # 239 – Grandpa’s Church And A Selfie

I’ve decided to finish out the week with a few more Special Pictures. This is another of Ella Duryee’s Prayer Book negatives.

Untitled-2 7

I believe this is a picture that Grandpa took of his church, the Church of the Ascension in Mount Vernon while he was a teen, possibly with his first camera, a Brownie camera, as seen in the following picture, New York at about the turn of the last century.

Alfred Duryee Guion - self-portrait

This is a very early “selfie” taken in the 1990’s by Grandpa, probably with a new Brownie Camera in his right hand, using a mirror.

On Monday, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942. Both Dan and Lad are in the Army. Ced is still working in Alaska and Dick and Dave are home with Grandpa.

Next weekend, and every weekend following, I’ll begin at the beginning. Many of you were not following my Blog over three years ago when I began publishing the Guion Family Saga, or as I call it, A Slice of Life. My grandfather, Alfred Duryee Guion, wrote his Reminiscences while traveling “around the world” on a freighter. He had quite a bit of time to remember bits and pieces of his life and decided to write them down for posterity, and his grandchildren. After he is married and starts a family, I will include the childhood memories of his children which I recorded.

I believe this will give you a chance to get to know the man I called “Grandpa” and the author of many of the letters you have been reading. I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Guion Family Saga.

Judy Guion


6 thoughts on “Special Picture # 239 – Grandpa’s Church And A Selfie

  1. In 1941 my father, writing from Malaya, tells my mother about the photo of himself he has taken in the mirror. This is not a one-off, because I have a photo my godfather took of himself in a mirror in late 1941!

  2. Patty B says:

    I love the selfie!! Lol. His church looks exactly like an old church in our area, Warrior Run Presbyterian Church. It is no longer used but a historical building only used for special church services, like on heritage days and at Christmas. Weddings are also preformed there.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      I have spoken to the church Secretary and I believe she told me this building is no longer. It was a chapel before they built the present structure in 1925 or so. I need to go down to Mount Vernon and take a look myself to be sure. Road Trip !!!

      • Patty B says:

        Sounds like a fun road trip! It must have been a standard type church building in the 1700’s. I was watching a movie the other day from the 1700’s and they were using one similar too. Next time I go to Warrior Run I will have to take pictures and see how they match up with yours.

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