Trumbull – Dear Gang (2) – Quotes and Comments From Ced, Dick And Lad – Feb., 1945


page 2    2/18/45


And now Ced is out before the footlights. Feb. 6, 9:45 P.M. “Mac is still in the States but is due to leave L.A., Calif., on the 16th of this month to come back in his recently acquired plane. Soon after he arrives Kyra’s mother plans to come up to be here in the spring when the new baby puts in an appearance, and so even if the McDonald’s don’t go to Homer, I’ll have to give up my room. I expect to move into the Morgan’s place at that time. They are still there but expect to leave soon. In the meantime, I’ll have the baby’s bedroom – –da da. Seems I go around kicking babies out of their rooms, some beast, ain’t I? No word from Rusty, but understand he made a flying trip to Fairbanks. He is now supposedly back at Barrow. (He encloses articles he wrote appearing in a new paper, “THIS WEEK”, which recently started in Anchorage) By the way, why don’t you all pack up and head north for the winter? We have had the mildest January in years, seldom getting lower than 20 above during the day. Lots of coal and oil, plenty of food, sheets etc. Maybe Aunt Betty really should consider this trip if your conditions continue to prevail. I have felt for you all quite frequently after reading about transportation tie-ups, coal shortages, blizzards and subzero temperatures. I only wish we could get more snow for skiing up here. As you might judge from the article, the bowl, until a fair fall yesterday and today, was virtually bare.”

RPG - Dick in uniform - 1945

And a silent greeting came from Dick in the shape of a much delayed, though still very welcome, Christmas box which arrived this week. In it, as far as I am concerned, was a photo of my Brazilian “silent one” in uniform, and another box of those famous Brazilian cigars.

APG - Langeres, France - 1945

Lad writes to Marian most faithfully and frequently (seven letters this week), but in the inscrutable way of wives, these letters are evidently most intimate and I, being only a father, must await news from my oldest son when he can find time to write and let the rest of the family know what is going on. As I read back this last sentence it might be interpreted as a criticism of Marian, bless her heart, but it is more a plea to include Dad and brothers in an account now and again of what may interest all of us including Marian, and not drop the rest of the family just because you married a bit of California sunshine. Figure the number of days since you sailed Lad, multiply this by one letter a day to your sweetheart against zero for the rest of us and see if in all fairness we don’t rate one letter a month. One in 30 is not unreasonable, is it? Pretty soon I’ll begin to suspect that unknowingly I have done something to offend and am being severely punished. “Say it ain’t so and say it with letters.” As for Dick, apparently he has stopped writing even to Jean, so who am I kick! Warning to all you yet un-married ones, I think I shall have an understanding with the new brides-to-be that I shall give my fatherly blessing only with the understanding that marital love be tempered with filial understanding at least to the extent that the “old folks at home” are not thrown in the discard entirely from a correspondence standpoint, because it just ain’t in the nature of wives to share their precious messages with “the mere family”, and under the circumstances, if you have an understanding heart you can’t blame them, which, however, doesn’t make the father’s need and interest any less. Am I unreasonable? Wait till you’re a father and then tell me the answer.

Tomorrow, Grandpa responds to all these quotes with messages to each and to all. Thursday, another letter from Grandpa and on Friday, a letter from Lad.

This weekend, and every weekend following, I’ll begin at the beginning. Many of you were not following my Blog over three years ago when I began publishing the Guion Family Saga, or as I call it, A Slice of Life. My grandfather, Alfred Duryee Guion, wrote his Reminiscences while traveling “around the world” on a freighter. He had quite a bit of time to remember bits and pieces of his life and decided to write them down for posterity, and his grandchildren. After he is married and starts a family, I will include the childhood memories of his children, which I recorded.

I believe this will give you a chance to get to know the man I called “Grandpa” and the author of many of the letters you have been reading. I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Guion Family Saga.

Judy Guion


3 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Gang (2) – Quotes and Comments From Ced, Dick And Lad – Feb., 1945

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Oh my gosh…letters to Marian? Are they still around?

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