Trumbull – Dear Lads And All – Local News – Feb., 1945

Trumbull House in winter - (cropped) - 1940

Trumbull, Conn, February 25, 1945

Dear Lads and all:

By the date I am glad to note that even if the back of winter is not completely broken it will be getting badly bent, and it won’t be more than a month now before we will have a few of those blustery March days that are harbingers of spring and we can lay aside the red flannel underwear, let the old stoker sulk in its own ashes until another fall approaches. If your nose memory is fairly good you can soon smell the blossoms from the old lilac trees, and picture me again pushing the old lawnmower around. I also hope that by that time Uncle Sam’s Armies will have done some additional mowing of their own on the various “fronts” to say nothing of the Pacific Fleet and Uncle Joe’s Red Army.

February and March seem to be months when cold germs like to stage gay parties of their own and we in Trumbull have not escaped. Jean, for almost 2 weeks, has been home with the bad cold, and just as she was showing signs of recovery, Aunt Betty’s germs felt it was their turn and while she fought them for several times, they finally got the best of her and under protest, has been in bed for a couple of days. She came down this afternoon feeling quite a bit better but still not yet up to par. Zeke, Elizabeth and the two youngsters were over for dinner today, giving us just about an hour’s notice, but I guess everyone got enough to eat at that.

In my activities as a marrying Justice of the Peace, I have had various and sundry odd experiences, but until yesterday afternoon I have never had occasion to unite in wedlock two young folks, one of whom was deaf and dumb. Now that was a problem. According to law I am supposed ask certain questions and receive certain answers from both parties involved. In this instance I let the afflicted party read the words and accepted a nod of his head in lieu of an “I do”. Anyhoo, I tied the knot as best I could and imagine it will stay tied as well as any in the regulation manner.

Just one letter this week from you out-of-towners, – – Dave. I can’t figure, of course, where it was mailed but my best guess is Hawaii. No date so I cannot figure the time lapse from his last letter. He says: I’m still ignorant – – no memory – – don’t know where I’ve been, where I am or where I’m going, why, or even the date. On the boat I ran into a guy by the name of Robert Guion, formerly from St. Louis, and now from Iowa. He’s a darned good egg. I hung around with him a lot of the time. He’s a sailor and assigned to the ship. I told him of your cousin who was writing the family history, Dad, and he said his father has a lot of information on the Guion’s (Gee-ons he pronounces it) in St. Louis. It seems they owned quite a bit of St. Louis at one time. His father’s present address is George Guion, Winterset, Iowa, RR 5. It might be interesting to connect the two family histories if possible. Bob says his father has a whole scrapbook full of stuff on his family. The boat trip has given me more respect and love for the sea. It’s really beautiful – – storms and all. I didn’t get seasick even though 3/4 of all on board were sick – – including the crew. Nothing more I can write. Dave

Well, when you think of it, and fill up the spaces, Dave, it’s quite a lot at that, and will be interested to hear more. Met Carl Wayne yesterday in Bridgeport. He went to France on his last trip but didn’t happen to run into Dan or Lad. Strange, isn’t it? Maybe they went on to Berlin, or Dan might be making a map of Berchestengaden, who knows? I know I’d like to see his map right here and now, with possibly a French addition.


Tomorrow, a letter from Lad in France.

This weekend, and every weekend following, I’ll begin at the beginning. Many of you were not following my Blog over three years ago when I began publishing the Guion Family Saga, or as I call it, A Slice of Life. My grandfather, Alfred Duryee Guion, wrote his Reminiscences while traveling “around the world” on a freighter. He had quite a bit of time to remember bits and pieces of his life and decided to write them down for posterity, and his grandchildren. After he is married and starts a family, I will include the childhood memories of his children, which I recorded.

I believe this will give you a chance to get to know the man I called “Grandpa” and the author of many of the letters you have been reading. I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Guion Family Saga.

Judy Guion


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