Friends – Chandler Chorus Valentine Message To Ced (2) – Feb., 1941

The Chandler Chorus (Chandler Choral Society) was a group started by the Minister, Rev. Chandler, at our church, the Trumbull Congregational Church. They were invited to sing at various functions in the area and even performed for a local radio show in Bridgeport. My Uncle Ced and Uncle Dan were probable members before they moved to Alaska. I believe my Dad, Lad, and Dave were also members at various times. Many of Lad’s friends were also in the Chandler Chorus and I have pictures my Dad took when I was a very young girl of at least one picnic we went to, but we probably went to several. This is a Valentine Card sent to Ced while he was in Alaska during February of 1941.

CDG - Valentine letter from Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 1

February 11, 1941

Dear Cedric

We were all so pleased to hear from you and to hear you are with a choral group up there. Your prograam of Christmas Contatas was most interesting and wish we might have heard it.

We are also happy to note your heart is still with us and we are looking forward to the time when you


CDG - Valentine letter from the Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 2

both will be with us again.

We are singing at Monroe Sun dfay, Feb. 16, for P.T.A. Founder’s Day.

We need a few more tenors and bass before we can hope to make a Hollywood contract.

I am asking the members to add a line or two so for now our best wishes to you both.

Sincerely, Violetta H. Miller


1329 Huntington Turnpile, Bpt.

CDG - Valentine letter from the Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 3

Glad to hear you expect to spend each Christmas in Trumbull – will look for you.

A.E.H. (Arthur E. Hughes)


Hello Cedric

It seems a long time since we heard your voice, would like to drop in on you some time.

Belle Traphagen



Wish you and Dan could be with us to sing in Monroe Sun day asfternoon. We miss you, and I am expecting to see you by next Christmas.

Mrs. Hughes



Sure wish you were with us again – The Chorus misses it’s most cherished tenor – or was it bass ?



Hello Ced Hurry back, we need a good tenor.

CDG - Valentine letter from the Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 4

Well boys, I sort of envy you in a country different from ours. I suppose it does seem far away, and we miss you in the chorus. As we are going ti sing Sun day we will all be thinking of you.

Ruth Lindsley


Gee Ced. I’m so sorry I wasn’t born a boy because I would do just as you boys are doing now.

By, Lou (for boy)

Louise for girl


Look out for Brown Bears. 

Geo. Reichardt


CDG - Valentine letter from Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 5

Dear Ced

Here we are singing “My Task” and here’s me breathing in all the wrong places but grateful to be able to breath at all.

as ever, Bess H.


We are learning what double T and dim., cresc. etc means.         ?.L.


We will be glad to have you back with us again.

Sincerely, Mrs. Thornton


You boys must be having a wonderful experience. So nice to read your letter and know something of what you are doing.

Best regards,

M. Lindsley

CDG - Valentine letter from the Chandler Chorus - Feb., 1941 - page 6

Happy Valentine’s Day !! I guess I’m late again in sending greetings, but ……… I’m sincere.

As ever,

Jean (Hughes)


Hi Bud, This is the closest I’ve come to answering that nice letter on that nice stationery. The Fur Rendezvous must be loads of fun. Dan sent me a clipping about it – Jean says “That’s enough”! I’ll really write you soon. Honest! I’ve owed you one since about October – 

Barbie (Linsley)


Liked your letter so much. Got quite puffed up over your reference to me. We miss you boys like nobody’s business. Our very best to you and lots of luck. – 

Lora B. (Brewster)


Anchored to Anchorage? Trumbull is a good town, too.

Helen Searles

Tomorrow a letter from Aunt Betty to Lad in Venezuela telling him about some of the things she is doing in New York.

This weekend, and every weekend following, I’ll begin at the beginning. Many of you were not following my Blog over three years ago when I began publishing the Guion Family Saga, or as I call it, A Slice of Life. My grandfather, Alfred Duryee Guion, wrote his Reminiscences while traveling “around the world” on a freighter. He had quite a bit of time to remember bits and pieces of his life and decided to write them down for posterity, and his grandchildren. After he is married and starts a family, I will include the childhood memories of his children, which I recorded.

I believe this will give you a chance to get to know the man I called “Grandpa” and the author of many of the letters you have been reading. I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Guion Family Saga.

Judy Guion



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