Peabodys And Duryees – Aunt Betty And The Red Cross To Lad – Feb., 1941

Alfred Peabody Guion in Caracas @ 1939

Alfred Peabody Guion in Caracas


St. George Hotel

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Feb. 15, 1941

Dear Lad,

Aunt Betty Duryee

Aunt Betty Duryee

Thank you for your contribution to me for a very happy Christmas. This flu and I did need it, and through a very lovely house and bathrobe, which when I put it on makes me feel very luxurious, and is very becoming. I also received a very interesting card from you showing a map of part of Venezuela and where you are located, it sort of brought you nearer.

I am looking forward to your homecoming in June. Oh boy! It will be good to see and hear you again.

This last Christmas was lovely in Trumbull and Elsie and I did enjoy it, but there was a vacancy which we all felt for you, Dan and Ced. The day was not just the same as former days when you were all home. I am enjoying my winter here in Brooklyn very much. For one thing, I am doing some work which was in helping the Red Cross and British war relief. Every morning except Friday and Saturday miss H and I go to the different places and sew and knit or make sponges of cheesecloth and fold bandages for the hospitals. We meet a fine group of women in each place and altogether enjoy the work.

Just around the corner lives a cousin (by marriage) of mine and although she is 97 years old, she is most capable and interesting. She has a niece who lives with her and I often go there and spend the afternoon, and have a really very enjoyable time.

Yesterday the ladies of her bridge club, of which she is chairman and treasurer, gave her a birthday party and I was invited to attend. After refreshments were served she got up and thanked the ladies in a very fine speech. Then of few of her special friends were invited to her apartment for dinner. In the dining room were 97 candles are lighted and a bouquet with 97 small flowers. The dinner was fine and oh! so good and there she opened her 40 gifts, herself reading aloud all the cards that came with them. There was a fabulous ball given in the hotel for the guests, wish you could have been see the beautiful decorations.

Love Aunt Betty

Tomorrow, and every weekend following, I’ll begin at the beginning. Many of you were not following my Blog over three years ago when I began publishing the Guion Family Saga, or as I call it, A Slice of Life. My grandfather, Alfred Duryee Guion, wrote his Reminiscences while traveling “around the world” on a freighter. He had quite a bit of time to remember bits and pieces of his life and decided to write them down for posterity, and his grandchildren. After he is married and starts a family, I will include the childhood memories of his children, which I recorded.

I believe this will give you a chance to get to know the man I called “Grandpa” and the author of many of the letters you have been reading. I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Guion Family Saga.

Judy Guion


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