Army Life – (2) News From Ced And Other Tidbits – July, 1942

This is the second half of a letter written to Lad, Dan and Ced by Grandpa.

Page 2 – 7/12/42

To give both start and finish of the trip extra zest, I found at the post office on the way to the train with Dan a letter from Ced, and surprisingly, another letter from him on my way home. The first, which both you boys read, reported no air raids as yet in Anchorage Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shotalthough they do have nightly blackouts. Private flying is banned so Ced is not making much progress along this line. He was still a civilian at the end of June when his last letter was written (Lad: you remember he sent a money order of $25 from which was to be credited to your account). His second letter, Dan, mentions the returned to Anchorage of Volly Pedersen who arrived with Chuck Morgan, both having traveled up from Seattle together on the Aleutian. Florence also was there to meet Chuck. Of course with both Ced’s letters were additional full-page installments of his plane rescue mission, making most intensely interesting reading. To properly preserve this saga I bought a special scrapbook in which to mount each chapter as it arrives. And hear a word to Ced. Dan showed me a large-scale map of Alaska which he says is on sale at Anchorage at one buck per copy, and on it we trird to locate Farewell and the route along the Kuskokwim or however you spell it, and it occurred to me it would make a most interesting addition to this account to have a map on which you have marked your route up to the point where the plane was located. I would like to have the map anyway but I hope you will not be as long in sending it as you have the air view of Anchorage. By the way, please let me know when you receive the watch. Also I have made two shipments of tennis balls which please report on arrival.

LAD: one of the things I meant to ask was whether you wanted the spark retarded on your car, or Steve to put more oil in that gadget were carbon removed or something done so that it wouldn’t buck as much as it does. My car is doing the same thing. Also just as a reminder you are going to take up the matter of a loan to take up the bank’s note on the car through that Veteran’s Organization. Meantime I will make no further effort to find a purchaser, O.K.? I also failed to ask if you wanted me to send back your watch after it is repaired, in view of the fact you already have the other one. Have ordered both razor repaired and battery sent. It is possible both may send them C.O.D. although I offered to send check to both if they would let me know cost, including shipping charges. Give my best to Jerry. And by the way, is it against regulation for you to buy and sent home and extra mosquito net and frame for cot and a good quality army blanket? We could use both at different seasons of the year.

Dan: Will you grab a R.R. phonebook when you get a chance and send me the full name and address of Wethers, Williams and Beckwith. I thought I would like to send them a little greeting from Bridgeport. I have Mr. Manning’s but not the others. Please give my best to Foster.

Dick got a card in the mail the other day granting him deferment until January. He is?????????????????????
now working days but is putting in overtime regularly. Hours are from 8 to 5 with half hour for lunch, 9 to 3 Saturdays, no lunch hour. Our refrigerator control went on the blink yesterday. It keeps shutting off so our milk is sour. Elizabeth and kids came to dinner today. Ced: Aunt Betty appreciated your message about the kiss but would rather have you deliver it in person.

On Friday, the poem “The Old Man Goes To Town” , regarding different experiences a father has with his three sons as adults and his reflections about how they were raised.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be continuing Grandpa’s Reminiscences about his early life in Mount Vernon, New York. I’ll be posting these memories through his young adulthood, his marriage to my Grandma Arla, the birth of his children, the move to Trumbull and the death of his wife. This story will be going on for months. Enjoy.

Judy Guion  


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