Trumbull – Marian Writes To Paulette – March, 1945

This is the first letter Marian writes to her perspective sister-in-law, telling Paulette that she was in a similar situation. She encourages Paulette and tells her she shouldn’t worry about the family.

MIG - First letter to Paulette, March, 1945


March 4, 1945

Dear Paulette,

We have been so thrilled and excited ever since we received Dan’s letter saying that you have said “Yes!” All we can think of is, “When can we meet her?” – “How can we make her understand how very glad we are to have her join the Guion family?” And “Will she like us?”

As I am a fairly recent addition to the Guion family, I can understand your feelings about wondering if all of Dan’s brothers and his sister and sister in-laws too, will like you. I felt exactly the same way when I met Lad, and it was six months after we had been married before I met any of the family. Believe me, I was just as upset as you evidently are, but I certainly shouldn’t have been. They are all quite wonderful, and even though I’ve never met Dan, I know he is as nice as all the rest. You, of course, are sure that he is the very nicest of them all, but I think you might be a little prejudiced. I know I am about Lad.

We’d love to get a letter from you, Paulette, written in French if it would be easier that way. I’ll try to recall the two years of high school French that I have had, and with a trusty French and English dictionary handy, I think we would be able to translate it all right. I only wish that I could write to you in French, but I know I could never make you understand how glad we are that we are to have a new sister-in-law – and such a good-looking one too!

I hope that you will be able to meet Lad before very long. He has written to say that he is doing his best to get a pass so that he can come and visit your parents. But as you know very well by now, the Army has first and last say as to what any of us do right now. Surely it won’t be too long before this war will be over, and all the boys will be home again.

We are so anxious to know what your future plans are – or if you have even tried to make any. Will you be married right away, or wait until the war is over? Are you coming here to Trumbull before Dan does so that you can meet him when he arrives, or will you wait at home until he can send for you? I get so excited, Paulette, when I think about having you here that I can’t even talk straight. Please hurry and come over here, so we can become really acquainted.

Needless to say we wish you and Dan all the happiness in the world, and hope it won’t be very long before we are wishing it to you in person.



Every weekend, I will be posting my Grandfather’s story, as written by him in his Reminiscences. When the time comes, I’ll add the memories of his children and other groups of letters pertaining to a particular “Slice of Life”.

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Judy Guion



2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Marian Writes To Paulette – March, 1945

  1. Mrs. P says:

    A very nice and welcoming letter!

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