Preparing The Buick And Other News – Feb., 1941

This is a continuation of yesterday’s letter. At the end, Grandpa adds news of  friends and family.

Trumbull House in winter - (cropped) - 1940

I finally picked one that will set you back about $20 delivered. I also bought at Bridgeport Chain Factory a set of their best grade heavy-duty de luxe tire chains, getting the employees price of $4.20 for the pair. Of course Carl will grease the car thoroughly before Dick starts but I doubt if that will do much good in protecting the car on board the boat as it will have run over 3000 miles in the meantime. I will tell Dick to be sure to have it greased in Seattle before he delivers it the Berger pier. Dick has already sold the Packard to Arlton Monsanto and doubts that he can now come back at him and remove some of the parts. Your new Buick already has a factory installed heater switch. Arnold, according to Carl, took a week’s vacation after leaving his old job and before going to the new, and has gone to Maine. Carl says Arnold has definitely decided not to come to Alaska now. Being away, Dick has not been able to talk to Arnold about a Briggs clarifier, but I will have Carl put it in.

By the way, Mr. Whitney, Don and Myron’s father, is quite seriously ill with an ulcer of the stomach. He had a severe hemorrhage the other day at home and lost a lot of blood. He is flat on his back now and when he recovers his strength sufficiently will have an x-ray taken to see if an operation is necessary.

Ced’s second letter, received this week, brings up the question of registration and suggests wiring information to Rose Walsh. I did not do so because I figured that if you had not already gotten my report on the purchase of the Buick giving you all the needed information for license purposes, and had already obtained the forwarded plates, it would be too late to count on getting them here before Dick starts. March 3rd, the scheduled starting day, is now so close that I am a bit concerned as to whether the Alaskan plates will arrive in time. He has to get renewal plates by March 1st and I am waiting until the last day to see what the mail brings in the way of plates from Alaska. With your’s and Dan’s last remittance of $50 each for the car, there will be some excess after paying for chains, cover, Prestone, etc., but not enough to count much as far as Arnold’s needs are concerned. Anyway, as related above, Carl says he is not intending to go.

And by the way, when you boys have money orders drawn, will you please make them payable to me at Bridgeport and not in Trumbull, as I have to wait three and four days for Eleanor Kurtz to accumulate the necessary funds before she can cash the money orders. This has happened on several occasions. When drawn on Bridgeport I don’t even need to go to the post office to get the cash but can deposit them like a check in my bank. Thanks Ced for the $25 which I assume is your regular payment home in addition to the $50 for the car. If I am wrong in this please let me know.

I enjoyed reading the clippings in yours and Dan’s letters and would like to see a photo of you with the beard! My God, you must be a sight.

The new airmail service will be good but how many years do you think it will be before the million dollars appropriated to establish fueling stations at Regina, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Whitehorse, will result in actual starting off airmail service?

Aunt Elsie writes they are having serious financial difficulties and may have to go into some sort of receivership and perhaps bankruptcy. Will know more later.



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