Army Life – Another Lad To Dad From Aberdeen – July, 1942

S. R.

N. C.

July 15

Dear Dad;

So sorry not to be able to get home Sat. & Sun., But due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the fellows came down with Scarlet Fever, and the whole camp was quarantined Friday night. From what I have learned, the quarantine will be lifted Tuesday.

Well, I bought the motorcycle and it runs pretty well, but I still have no markers and I am going to ask you to get them for me. Enclosed is the necessary data. I don’t believe, they, or rather, it will be over three dollars. Probably less. Here’s the plan. One of the fellows has a motorcycle here, and I am going to borrow it Thursday night, if I can get away, and come down to get it. I think you will get this Tuesday so you will have plenty of time, but please do it as soon as possible, so as to be sure. So much for that.

Did you and the bunch go to Scotty’s place over the weekend? If you have not already written, hold it until Thursday.

Here’s some bad news. Because the motor on the pick up wasn’t clean enough to suit Fitzsimmons, the garageman, who was drunk, and doesn’t particularly like me anyway, I lost that job and was given one of the big rack trucks. In greasing it Sat., one of the Alemites (?) was frozen, and as usual, I started to get to the bottom, but in knocking the shackle bolt out with a two pound hammer and a punch, I missed the punch and hit my thumb which was against the frame of the truck. It nearly smacked the bone but not quite, so it should be nearly healed by this weekend.

I can’t think of anything else good, or bad, so until Thursday eve,



NOTE: this letter is not dated and there is no envelope, but after reading it, I question whether it belongs here. It may have been written in the late 1930s when Lad was at a CCC Camp near Norwich, CT. The reference to the motorcycle and “come DOWN to get it” sounds like it might have been written at a much earlier time. I believe Lad had a motorcycle that he used, every weekend, to come home. From Norwich to Trumbull would be considered “down”. Also, the ”S.R.” and “N.C.” in the upper right corner doesn’t seem to refer to Aberdeen or the Army.  The N. C. could refer to Norwich, Connecticut. I had promised another letter “From Lad To Dad” but didn’t read the letter until now and it just might not belong in this year.


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