Trumbull – Round-Robin From Friends (1) – July, 1942

The Gang at the Trumbull House - 1934

Trumbull, Conn., July 19, 1942

Dear Boys:

Sunday afternoon has rolled around once again, and a hot one it is, too. Around the festive board at dinner today were gathered, in addition to the regular denizen, Biss and Jean and Catherine – – my two little grandsons having joined the two Wardens in a Child’s Restaurant meal, just previous to our meal in the grand salon (no, it is not spelled incorrectly) in the Guion ménage.



I have just been interrupted (however not rudely) while playing a very interesting game of Bridge. Barbara was a student of mine along the same line, but so far has succeeded in winning almost every hand. Hereafter, the next to potential learners shall not be included when it comes to discussing the why’s and wherefore’s of such little items as trumping your partners aces, etc. All this really boils down to the fact that my forefinger is getting a bit numb from trying to hit the wrong keys. Hoping you are the same —— Jane

(6th female from the left)


Dear Bo s, I mean Boots, I mean Boys:

I bet you can never guess who? After what Jane wrote, I mean. I mean Hello! WE went swimming this afternoon. It was hundred and 62° in the shade of the Old Apple Tree ?-/%. Wow! Dick Jean, David, Bob Shadick, Jane and I started out in Dick’s car for Tungstyen Mine. There were so many kids there we couldn’t even See the Water, so– after getting almost practically stuck in a big mud puddle, — “we left”. From there in three jobs we landed in the Pequonnock back of Sirene’s. (Where we went swimming) so now everyone is nice and cool and happy, too cool and happy to play tennis event. I can’t figure any way to use the other marks (#$^*&) I don’t know any jokes with cussing, and don’t even know what $ and % mean. I can’t even discover another word to use instead of even even.


(partially hidden, directly behind boy in front row, center, wearing white)


hello !!!!

Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion

this is me  –  jean  –  guess what? something new has been added. another year. yep, i’m getting on in years now. i guess barbara and jane told you all the news, but barbara was mistaken, i’m happy but I’m not so cool. oh, I forgot to tell you, i’m twenty-two now. this is modern design – no capitals. hope you are all fine and happy —–

ced, lad,dan,

bye now, jean


This is the first page of a Round-Robin letter from friends to Lad, Dan and Ced. They are all at the Trumbull house, as happened quite often on Sunday afternoons. Tomorrow, a very long section from Dick, and on Friday, the conclusion from Grandpa with more news about friends and family.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting the next two segments of Grandpa’s life as told in his Reminiscences written in 1960.

Judy Guion


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