Trumbull – Round-Robin From Friends – July, 1942

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

Alfred Duryee Guion


This is Dad again

          Well, who says I’m not an opportunist. As I sat down to write you-all, a cunning idea stole into my mind, what with Jane and Barbara and Jean and Dick decorating the vicinity. And so, the result you have above.

I have been thinking of you boys in Maryland and North Carolina today and wondering if the weather was correspondingly as hot as it has been today in Trumbull.

Two letters this week – – one from Lad and one from Grandma. Lad reports he has just received his grading on the strenuous 5-weeks course he has been working so strenuously on. The class was divided into five groups by final score on the complete course. He was in the fourth group (the fifth being the top notchers), so he was not as good as the best but well up in the class, but what pleased him as much as anything was the fact that he was given the job of instructing a class in diesel engineering, and while it means a lot of work on his part, being a new course, he looks forward to enjoying the work. He has another fellow working with him on the task – a Corporal Frankenhauser. I took the liberty of calling up Mr. Hagan, his old instructor in diesel and ________________________( this part was lost at the bottom of some of the carbons, so Grandpa began again on the next page)


his old instructor in diesel and reading Lad’s letter to him, knowing he would be interested in one of his old pupils progress in this particular field. He was and took Lad’s address so that he might write offering any assistance that might be welcome under the circumstances. I also inquired if any new textbooks on the subject had been published lately and he said, “no”. Don’t forget, Lad, if your new course gets to the point where mimeograph copies will aid in your successful teaching of the subject, I guess I can do something for you and Uncle Sam until the point is reached where it is putting me financially in a hole, and then maybe if the government red tape will not permit payment of costs, maybe the fellows benefiting would be willing to chip in, but there, the idea may be running away with me. It’s just an idea, anyway.

Grandma says that on Burton’s birthday (April 1st), a letter from Washington came to him addressed to Capt. Burton Peabody. He had passed his tough physical exam O.K. and since May 1st has been stationed in Washington. His address is 1223 11th St., N.W., Dorothy (Peabody) completed her secretarial course in June and almost immediately got a job at the Traphagen Art School in New York. About July 1st, Donald (Stanley) arrived unexpectedly and a few days later, left for St. Albans, to join his father with the latter’s new family. Anne (Stanley, Donald and Gweneth’s mother, and sister-in-law to Grandpa) and Gwyneth arrived a week or so later. Anne took Gwyneth to Burlington where Fred (Stanley, divorced from Anne) was to meet Gwyneth to visit them. Anne is coming back to New Rochelle to stay with Grandma while Kemper and Ethel (Peabody) are on vacation until Labor Day. She ends her letter with these words – “When you write to your boys please give them my love”.

Tiny (?) has reported to have said that Nelly (Nelson Sperling) is now stationed at Aberdeen so it is possible that Lad and he may run into one another someday, although from the size of the place and the number of men there are, it is just as likely not to happen.

New gasoline ration cards go into effect this week. I have put in an application for a supplementary card to enable me to continue doing business but have not yet learned whether my request will be granted or not.

As your news commentator seems to have run out of communiqués for the present, I shall close by saying that is all from Trumbull at this time.



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