Trumbull – Dear “Hopes” (2) – Items Requested For The Nuptials – March, 1945


DBG - Paulette on Bike @ 1945 in FrancePage 2    3/11/45

“3 – Red bedroom slippers with built-up soles.” It seems odd to want slippers built up off the ground but I suppose the French people have been going without stockings for so long that they try altitude to keep the dirt from their feet. These likewise the girls will look around for in the hope that they will find a comfortable size.

“4 – Lipstick for Paulette.” That’s where your Dad beat you to it. Lipstick and face powder went off a couple of weeks ago in a package to you, marked especially for my new daughter from her American Dad. They have a special Max Factor Preparations counter in Howland’s where they are supposed to have the ritziest is items in the cosmetic line and when I went in and asked for lipstick and face powder for a young blonde French girl with blue eyes, I’ll bet the girls at the counter thought to herself, another old guy chasing the young ones, probably old enough to be her father – – the older they come the harder they fall. I told her it was for my son’s fiancé and I could hear her mentally say, “Oh yeah? That’s what they all say but they don’t fool me one bit”).

“5 – Nightgown for Paulette.” This the girls have already purchased and are quite thrilled with it and of course, hope Paulette will be, too.

“6 – Large sturdy comb for Mme. Senechal.” This the girls will attend to.

“7 – Cocoa, tea and coffee.” Two lots have already left in separate boxes with other items to you recently.

“8 – Wallet for Dan who lost his figurative shirt last August in Brittany and has been using a patient piece of wilted cardboard as a wallet ever since.” (Now why in all your letters home since then and in my repeated requests for items to send you, haven’t you mentioned your need long before this?) I purchased a leather one for you yesterday, ($4.20, including tax) which I shall send with the next box along with Gillette brushless, etc.

“9 –  Please don’t be discouraged by this formidable list. You might need an extra qualm when I add another item I almost forgot – – 2 series each of stamps that might have value for stamp collectors.”

Comments. I picked up five low-priced stamp collection sets (two of US stamps) and shipped them to you the other day. Over here they would not be rated as very valuable, but at least they are something. You know, for some rare varieties, $500 is cheap, and there are some higher as well as some lower. It is very difficult to know what to purchase without some kind of lead as to a particular series, or how much to spend or quantity desired.

“Tentatively the wedding date is to be in June or July when the two boys in Algeria will probably be back home.

By the way, please send me my three-dimensional slides and viewer, particularly the views of the family and the house.” (I included these in the box that went off to you last week. Most of the views were of Barbara in various picturesque settings and views of growing field crops in Pennsylvania. The latter I did not include but picked the best of the others and sent them with the viewer.

Tomorrow, I’ll conclude this letter. On Thursday and Friday, I’ll be posting a letter from Lad “Somewhere in France”.

Judy Guion

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