Trumbull (2) – Dick’s Departure Imminent – March, 1941

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and car

Page 3 of R-118

Dear Ced and Dan:

As the time draws near for Dick’s departure on the first leg of his long journey, it becomes apparent that he will make the trip alone. This does have its compensations although I imagine he will be pretty tired of driving before the trip is completed. All those he at first had in mind, for one reason or another, decided to forgo the Alaskan voyage. Rusty has already gone, Dick’s friend in Maryland, who was seriously thinking of going, was called by the draft, Jim Shields has landed a new job and Arnold has definitely decided in the negative, and thereby hangs a tale.

Arnold Gibson

Arnold Gibson

For a year or more Arnold has been working on the night shift at Heppenstall and not getting much money. An insurance man got hold of him one day lately and talked to him of the desirability of taking out insurance but Arnold informed him he could not afford it on his present earnings. The man said, “Would you take out insurance if you had a forty or fifty dollar job?” Which Arnold naturally replied in the affirmative. So as it developed afterward, on a pure hunch, the insurance man asked Arnold why he did not go around to the Connecticut Tool and Engineering Company, as he had heard someone there mention the fact that they needed a grinder. Arnold went around and found they were a bunch of Swedes who did a very nice grade of work, just what Arnold would be interested in working on. They thought he was a Swede and hired him on the spot at a considerably higher rate of pay and on day were. He now averages with overtime about $50 a week. He took out insurance. Under the circumstances he is not interested in the Alaskan trip for the present at least.

Saturday Dick got Ced’s letter. He plans to get temporary markers tomorrow and start either Monday or Tuesday. The Bridgeport City Travel Bureau have not yet received a reply to their letter about reservations from Seattle on the 20th on the “Discoverer” but fully expect an answer Monday. Dick has finally decided to go with the car on Berger’s boat. If he has to leave here before the reservation notice comes through I will make it for him and have it waiting for him when he arrives in Seattle. I hope to the Dickens he makes it in time but I am a bit fearful lest blizzard or breakdown or accident or some unforeseen circumstance delays him enroute. He has had a Briggs clarifier installed, is taking along an extra cartridge, a spare fan belt (the one on the car looks dry to Arnold) I have bought chains, and a canvas cover which is too big if anything but is the best I could do with the short time available. I am sending a box to you boys with a few trinkets, including an extra key for the car — in fact the key that came with the car. Dick has two other keys I had made, with him. The radiator has been flushed and Prestone installed.

One other chapter in the “Know Your Own Car Better” series is revealed by Dick’s recent experience when he got out of the car after locking it, leaving his key inside. He had to go back to Trumbull in my car to get an extra key.

Bruce Lee dropped in this afternoon with Judy and asked to be remembered to you all, including Rusty if you see him. This is your key station signing off with Carter’s Little Liver Pills.


For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting another letter from Grandpa to his sons far from home.


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