Peabodys And Duryees – Cutest Little Carved-Out-Of-Wood Fellow – March, 1941

Aunts Dorothy, Anne and Helen

                  Aunts Helen, Anne and                                                Dorothy

March 3, 1941

Dear Cedric:

Over two months ago I received a most welcome and delightful package from Anchorage, Alaska. It was the cutest little carved-out-of-wood fellow you can imagine, carrying an umbrella, and smoking a pipe. He is in a conspicuous place on my green desk, and you’d never guess from the long time it has taken me to write about him, how very much I appreciated your sending him to me. I am humbly ashamed for my inexcusable delay.

Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

             Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

Well, so you are an uncle again! We haven’t heard anything about the new baby beyond the date of his arrival and “both doing well.” But I have no doubt that he must be growing into quite a big fellow by now. And, the last we knew, Dick, too, was about to leave for Alaska. (It occurs to me I might have given Dick a new paragraph instead of putting him in the same one with Elizabeth and her baby!) We will be interested to know how Dick gets on.

Speaking of going places, I suppose you already know, you and Dan, that Uncle Larry and Aunt Marian have moved to Sandusky, Ohio. They left New Rochelle a couple of weeks ago, and I can tell you it seems strange and lonely without them. So far, they seem to like Sandusky very much. They have rented a bungalow – – – which was what Aunt Marian wanted – – – but will not be able to move in for another week or so because of re-decorations. Aunt Marian and Alan are staying with Aunt Marian’s sister, Mildred, in Youngstown. And Uncle Larry goes down, or over, or whatever it is, for week ends.

We hear round-a-boutly that Lad is returning to the states soon. I think this spring, if I remember correctly. Aunt Helen – – – or rather, Uncle Ted had heard from your Dad about it. It will seem strange to him to be back after such a long time, I should think.

Grandmother is pretty well these days, and has done a good job recuperating from her operation. You should see all the things she gets around to doing, all kinds of crocheting, and whatnot. She manages to keep herself very busy most of the time.

Of course I trust that you know that Aunt Helen and Uncle Ted are now living at 269 Prospect Place, Brooklyn. But I imagine you have likely heard from them since they moved there.

Incidentally, when Aunt Helen told me they had heard from your Dad, she said he enclosed a letter from Dan or from a friend of Dan’s, or some such thing – – – and that Maxudian is still alive and trying to make trouble for other people. I certainly wish he could get what he deserves – – – but since that is impossible – – – at least to stop annoying and bothering others. How that man can sleep nights is a mystery to me!

Give lots of love to Danny, too, for me. I’m terribly glad you boys have got on so well up there. I wish we might peek in on you one of these days, but since we can’t, at least we are there in spirit! And I hope spring is on the way – – – if you hate winter as much as I do!

Thank you so much again, Ceddie, for that dear little wooden man. You are very sweet to remember everyone – – and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of good wishes – – – and lots of love, and let us hear from you.

Aunt Dorothy


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