Trumbull – Hasty Note to Dick – March, 1941

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Wed., March 5, 1941

Dear Dick:

There was an airmail letter from Ced is PO Box 7, this morning, which I am hastily copying and getting off by airmail in the hope that it will reach you at Ames, with a copy to Seattle in case it does not.

“I would advise Dick to get to Seattle by the 18th to make arrangements for loading, etc., and also give him time to see Mr. H. A. Schurman, the agent of the Heinie Berger Line at 66 Marion St., Seattle. The loading arrangements should be completed no later than the morning of the 18th. Tell Dick to be sure the canvas cover is tightly fastened on the car before it leaves the dock and let the crew of the ship know that there is Prestone in the radiator so that they won’t drain it. (See that there is a “DO NOT DRAIN” tag of the drain cock too.) The gas does not need be to be drained but I would advise running it as low as possible in order to reduce the weight. (the more the weight can be reduced the lower the freight cost). At this end the “Discoverer” will dock right here at Anchorage, making it unnecessary to drive from Seward. There is no auto road to Seward anyway. The car need not be crated. It is driven on to the dock, hoisted with the crane onto the deck of the ship and tied there. I think I have neglected to mention to Dick or you that I want the car insured for $500 (five hundred). You may find he has to pay this before sailing, also the wharfing cost of three dollars. The total would be eight dollars. I hope the whole business will be payable at Anchorage, as is the shipping cost. All Dick needs to do is to get the car to Seattle on time. Contact Schurman for details, see that the car is greased and covered and all set for the boat ride and see that it is insured and take care of the wharfing charge if necessary. When the ship leaves his worries respecting it are over. From there on Berger and we two take over. Tell Dick to bring blankets and sheets for himself.”

Notes of the above by Dad:

If your cash holds out and you get to Seattle in time to do any shopping you may want to take care of the last request for sheets and blankets by going to Sears Roebuck or some Seattle department store. If I have not been able to arrange for your accommodations on the Discoverer by the time you reach Seattle, try your salesmanship ability on Mr. Schurman and see if you can’t persuade him to find a place for you somewhere on the Discoverer which, according to Ced’s letter, takes you right to Anchorage.

Again from Ced:

Tell Dick to stay at the YMCA hotel for convenience while in Seattle if Arnold isn’t there with the trailer. He does not have to wait for the Discoverer to sail if he wants to take the Alaska Line boat before the 20th as long as he makes necessary arrangements for the car.

I’ll get this right off to you by air in the hope that it will reach you in time.



Tomorrow, two quick MEMOS regarding him and his return to the states, as well as a clipping about a friend of his.Thursday and Friday will be a letter from Grandpa with segments addressed to Ced and Lad.

Judy Guion


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