Life In Venezuela – Memos Pertaining to Lad – March, 1941

These pieces was not with any letter but they fall here chronologically so I’m posting them for your interest and enjoyment.

Blog - Lad in Venezuela walking in field (cropped)


Anzoategui Camp

March 3, 1941

To All Concerned:

Re:   Passport Regulations – American Citizens

With reference to our Circular Letter No 51 of December 18, 1940, on the above subject, we have now been advised by the Caracas Office that American Citizens who expect to be in the States on or before April 10 next are not required to obtain new passports, and therefore the new regulations apply only to citizens who may be abroad after April 10 and those now in the States expecting to go abroad.

Yours Very Truly,

Blog - Lad's vacation - JH Wardlow's signature

J. H. Wardlow


c. Mr. W. R. Cosh, Caracas Office


Blog - Lad's vacation from Venezuela - March, 1941

This is an Inter-Office Memorandum to Mr. A. P. Guion and reads:

In reply to a recent enquiry regarding your status in respect of vacation we have received information from the Caracas Office to the effect that you will be given the usual Comprehensive Transportation Allowance and two months’ vacation at whatever time may be convenient to the Company after April 14th next.

Yours Very Truly,

Blog - Lad's vacation - JH Wardlow's signature

J.H. Wardlow

Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll be posting a letter written by Grandpa to Ced and Lad, since he seems to be estranged from Dan.

Saturday and Sunday, more on the early years in Trumbull.

Judy Guion

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