Trumbull – Grandpa Estranged From Dan (2) – March, 1941

Blog - Waiting For Reinforcements From Venezuela - March, 1941

Lad, one evening this week, the girl that works in the Bridgeport Blue Print Company called up and asked what your address was. She said she had received a birthday card from you. Dad

R-120  (Page 2 – March 9, 1941)

Dear Lad:

Dan got a letter a while ago from Fred Chion which you sent home with the thought that Ted might like to read it (I am enclosing it for your information). I sent it to Helen and she returned it with the following note:

“Thank you for sending the letter from Daniel’s friend. Ted was of course interested in reading it, as I was. What a man that Maxudian is! I can imagine how you are looking forward to Lad’s return. It really is only about four months away. It scarcely seems that he’s been gone for over two years. Good luck to Dick on his new venture — he’s bound to enjoy himself. I had heard that Roger is a captain in the Army and I think it’s the biggest piece of humbug I ever heard of. Of course his one ambition in life is to strut his ego in uniform. God knows he’s not fit to handle men — but I suppose the family push and pull is a big aid. I have delayed writing you because I sent Dan’s letter to New Rochelle for mother and Dorothy to read and it just came back. There is no particular news from Brooklyn — the Navy yard is still pounding away as hard as it can.”

We are in the midst of the worst storm of the winter. Yesterday (Saturday) I did not even attempt to get out my car but took the bus to Bridgeport. The roads had been plowed but not my driveways. There was only about a foot of snow but the high wind that accompanied it piled drifts high, and I had no chains. It is still snowing or I should say snowing again, so I don’t know what I will do tomorrow.

Well, Dave and I are holding the fort alone now, keeping the banners flying bravely just biding our time until reinforcements arrive from Venezuela. Barbara (Plumb, Dan’s girlfriend) seems to think it not unlikely that Dan may be home sometime this summer, but nothing he has written in any letters to me, mention anything along that line. It is about time he wrote me again so he may take the occasion to mention some of his future plans at that time.

Blog - Clayton McClinch

I heard the other day that young McClinch was going to a diesel engineering school run by the Army or Navy rather, or maybe it was the naval reserves. If when you land and have to register for the draft and are unfortunate enough to be called, there might be some compensation if you could get into the diesel end of the national defense program.

I have heard no more from Elsie about her business nearing the rocks, but I am a bit concerned about Aunt Betty (I haven’t heard from her either) but as she depends on what they pay her from the shop for living expenses, I can imagine she is a bit worried even though she may not admit it. I think I shall invite her to make her home here for the summer starting as soon as the weather gets warm enough.

As I did not get a letter from you last week I am looking forward to tomorrow’s mail. Nothing else I can think of now.


P.S. to Alaska: In today’s post save article on  B-5 for Dick. In the third section there are articles on skiing, Bridgeport flying service news and an article on South America that Dan might be interested in.

Tomorrow and Sunday, the story of early Trumbull memories continue.

On Monday, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942. Both Dan and Lad have been drafted and are in training, Dan in North Carolina, and Lad in Maryland.

Judy Guion


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