Trumbull – Dear Patient Reader (2) – News From The Home Front – April, 1945

I will be using the entire week to post a six-page letter from Grandpa with quotes from other letters he has received and news from France.

Page 2     Easter 4/1/45

Now for comments on the above. As to your new quarters in the attic, I would suggest you order a pair of Adler elevator shoes, which are being advertised here quite prominently over the radio with the slogan “now you can be taller than she”. From popular report it would seem very appropriate for the president of any ski club to be proficient in first aid. I thought last fall of sending a box of things to Rusty, but the contents now would be different than what one should send for a northern winter. Got any suggestions as to what he might like? I guess I can quit worrying about my last civilian son being the target for some Jap sniper. When August 11th rolls around, things ought to be pretty well settled in Europe and a good deal further along in the Pacific, if they keep on going at their present speed. As to the slides, I think it would be much better for you to retain them until the happy day when you come home again. And now we come to the box. That’s something! It arrived just a few days later than your letter, all wrapped in paper with NCCO flags printed all over it. (We’re still trying to figure out what the initials stand for). And in the package were individual gifts which not only brought squeals of delight from the recipients, but other things which would make lend lease green with envy and make the local ration board look extremely shamefaced. Some of the things were literally priceless, as they cannot be obtained here and have not been available for a year or more. For the benefit of you poor boys in the armed service, here are contents of the box (express prepaid, by the way): carton of cigarettes for Jean, with box of book matches, carved ivory bird for Marian, a warm woolly sweater for Aunt Betty, and a big package of large sheets for yours truly. In addition, there were: a dozen lemons, two packages of safety matches, box of Lorna Dune crackers, a supply of clothes pins, two blanket sheets, two cans corned beef, four cans salmon, two cans pineapple juice, can of apricot juice, two packages of candy, copy of an interesting magazine, Alaska Life, and a number of photos and articles. It was certainly an extremely interesting and welcome package.

Paulette Senechal @ 1945

Enclosed you will find a photo of Paulette that which will have to serve until you can meet the original in person. Meantime you better polish up on your French. The new folks in the apartment have a little cocker spaniel which I think I mentioned in a previous letter. He is a mild, gentle, little dog and big rough Smokey bullies him around something awful,pPicks a fight on every provocation and makes Tail Spin live up to his name (Aunt Betty calls him Spin Tail, but that is neither here nor there). He came yelping in the door the other morning early and of course everyone assumed that Smokey had been pulling some more of his big brother stuff (in reverse, or is it). Anyway, his mistress rushed him to the vet who said it could not have been a dog that did the damage but it must have been a car that hit him, and now Marian is concerned lest it be her car which was the only one in the vicinity of Tail Spin when the yelping started. It is one of those unsolved mysteries like what happened to the Mary Celeste or how old is Ann, etc.

I have been having a terrible time with this harem lately. They have been in the throes of a Madam DuBarry dieting course or something and have to avoid eating starchy things, sugar, rich cream, etc. It is better now but a few months ago it was pretty tough. I wouldn’t swear on oath that either of them had become too sylph like, but I did notice the other day just outside the door of Jean’s room that a slat had been removed from the bed, you may draw your own conclusions.

Tomorrow, two letters from Dave, Thursday, a story about a trip Lad took a few months ago which Marian has provided, and on Friday, some news for Dan.

Judy Guion


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