Trumbull – Dear Patient Readers (5) – Words to Dan – April, 1945

This is the last post from a six-page letter from Grandpa with quotes from other letters he has received and news from France. 


Now a word to Dan. I checked up with Davis and Hawley and find they’re working on the setting for the engagement ring and that both that and the wedding ring will be finished about the middle of this month. I also find that under a special insurance policy that Davis and Hawley can take out, we can have the package insured through the premium they said was rather high. He suggested that as the total value will be about $200, we ensure it for about $150, the premium on which will be about $7.50. This I think I shall do when they are ready to ship. Incidentally, the girls have been busy this evening packing a box to go to you with some things they have bought for Paulette. Due to shipping limitations, all the things they are sending cannot be packed in this one box so there will have to be a second one sent later. I shall address it to you, as usual, but down in the corner shall say “For Paulette”, so when you get it you will know what to do with it. I had hoped possibly I might get a letter from you this week in answer to one I wrote some weeks ago asking about Paulette’s address so that if possible, we might send the things for her direct to her home. Maybe there will be a letter in the post office awaiting me tomorrow from you with some more news on it. I am expecting to hear any time now that your outfit has been shifted again nearer to the fast-moving Allied armies speeding into the heart of Germany beyond the Rhine. I found the two Arrow shirts you want sent and will get them off to you in the next box I send. Incidentally, there is a piece of what appears to be shrapnel in the box. Is there any story regarding this that would make interesting reading?

Mr. Laufer told me today that they just received word from Erwin that he is or soon will be on his way home, and for them not to write him any more letters. He will have been away just about three years. He has to go to Camp Devens first before being released for home.

Today has been a bright, warm, sunshiny, perfect Easter day and we got out the porch chairs for the first time this year and sat out on the lawn between the back door and the cement terrace. The girls decorated the table today with one lone crocus from the backyard and some sprays of forsythia. The lilac leaves are beginning to bud, grass (what there is left after the dry spell last summer) is beginning to show green and it begins to look differently as though spring is here. Another sign is that the furnace went out several days ago (because of failure in one of the mechanical parts operating the stoker) and has not needed to be lighted again since. Of course we might yet have another cool spell, but winter is definitely over for a few months. When it comes again I wonder if any of you will be back home again! All in all, I think both we at home and you all away have been pretty patient and non-complaining but that doesn’t make it any less true that there is a big desire building up to see this thing over with as soon as we can be sure the real object is attained, and to this end we will just have to hang on a few months longer and hope for a speedy end to the Pacific war also, so that they won’t have to send Brazil or France over to Japan or China. Well, I’m sorry I didn’t have any jellybeans hidden for you boys to search for today, but a happy Easter to you just the same.


Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll continue posting memories of early family life in Trumbull.

Next week, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1941. Lad is expected home soon and Dick arrives in Anchorahe, Alaska with a car for hjis brothers, Dan and Ced.

Judy Guion


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