Trumbull – First Sunday of Spring (2) – March, 1941

Grandpa wrote one letter in general to all the boys and then wrote individual letters to each of them, enclosing copies of everything for each one of his sons. This is the letter he wrote to Lad, with two additional notes from Larry, a friend of Lad’s, who is planning on taking a short vacation with Lad to an virtually unexplored area south of the Orinoco River in Venezuela.

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Now to get down to individual cases:

Arla Mary Peabody Guion and Alfred Peabody Guion - July, 1914

Arla Mary Peabody Guion and Alfred Peabody Guion – July, 1914

Dear Lad:

If my calculations are not amiss, this letter ought to reach you a few days before April 3rd — the anniversary, that for many years, marked an important date for your Mother and Dad, and continues to assume a prominent place on the latter’s calendar. I will spare you the recounting of sundry anecdotes of your childhood, most of which you have heard before, but I cannot let the occasion pass without letting you know I consider the day a most important one. Julia Ward Howe, author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, once wrote:

I gave my son a palace

And a kingdom to control,

The palace of his body,

The kingdom of his soul.

And because it is difficult to find words at times to say what we feel deep down inside, let me quote what was once written on the occasion of another great man’s birthday:

Still with the countless ripples laugh about

The blue of how it can seize, long may you keep

Your course unbroken, buoyed upon a love

10,000 fathoms deep.

While my car was laid up for repairs the other day, I rode down on the bus with Chris Wells. Naturally he asked about you and said, when I told him you are coming home soon, “He’s a good man. He can always have a job with me”.

Saw Alta Pratt Gibson yesterday who informed me that Arnold is looking forward with great anticipation to your homecoming. He evidently has given up all idea of going to Alaska as the job he now has greatly interests him in that he is learning to be a toolmaker, a thing he has long been interested in.

Many happy returns of the day, Lad, and I’ll be seein’ you soon.



Guario, Venezuela

March 25, 1941

Dear Peabody,

I have not been to see Red yet about going on that trip, but I am sure permission will be forthcoming.

Please inform me as to the exact date and time of your proposed departure, also, if your plans to come through Guario to pick me up have been changed.

Thank you,

Larrupin Larry

P.S. Rarrin’ to go.



Personal more or less

Guario, Venezuela

March 26, 1941

Dear Al,

Do you have any objection to the definite screwiness of naming a good friend? If so, don’t mention it.

I have received definite permission for taking that holiday with you. All that remains is the actual carrying out of the idea.

I have another little favor that I would like to have taken care of. It is the little Doc over here in Guario, he tells me that he has told that guy Baiz to send over a bed and mattress, and that he promised faithfully to send it, but has never sent it. I think you can help the thing along by sending one of your Guanta gas trucks by the hospital there and pick up those things for Guario Hospital.

I would appreciate that little favor.



Tomorrow, Grandpa’s letter to Dick, and on Friday, a letter to Ced and a short note to Dan.

Judy Guion

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