Army Life – Lad In NYC With Friends – Sept., 1942

APG - Lad in NYC with Jerry and Babe - Sept., 1942

Sept. 7, 1942

Dear Dad:-

Although I left Camp for Sat. and Sunday, I went no further then N.Y. Jerry and a girl friend of his from Wilmington came to N.Y. with me and since he had never seen the Big City we stayed there. Babe (Lad’s girlfriend, Cecelia Mullins) came down and we all had a good time. However, I don’t think it would do Babe’s reputation any good if Trumbull knew that she had gone to N.Y. to meet Laddie, so sort of don’t say too much about it.

I saw Elsie (Grandpa’s sister) Sat. nite for a little while, but she and Mrs. B. were busy dressing the window so that they could have a long weekend, and I didn’t stay very long. She claims that she is fine.

There is a possibility that I may not be able to come home next week because I’m expecting to be transferred to Hq. Bn., but there is nothing very definite as yet.

I’m on C.Q. again tonight and I’m rather sleepy due to the fact, i guess, that I didn’t sleep much either Sat. night or Sun. on the train to Aberdeen, and although there may be a lot more news I can’t think of anything further to say.

So I’ll close with a slightly early wish for Many Happy Returns of the Day.



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