Army Life – Easter Letter From Lad – April, 1945

This week, I’ll be posting letters written in April of 1945. Both Lad and Dan are in France, Lad in the south, Dan in the north. Ced is still in Alaska, Dick is in Brazil and Dave is in Okinawa. Grandpa remains in Trumbull with Aunt Betty, Marian (Lad’s wife) and Jean (Dick’s wife).

APG - Al and Mike Hennigan, Langres, France, March, 1945

Lad and Mike Hennigan

Langres, France, 1945


Rec’d 4/9

Dear Dad:-

No letter from you again, this week. Sometimes the mails are very slow. Yesterday one of the fellows in my room got a letter mailed on Dec. 9th, just a few days short of four months. But when you consider the quantity of mail handled to and from the States, I wonder that it makes such good time. And our Censors are doing a wonderful job over here, too. It is very seldom that a letter isn’t mailed within 36 hours from the time it is written. Marian has only told me of one.

The past few days have been cloudy and wet, but the sun is trying to shine out bright and strong for this day of days. Seems to be having a little trouble though, and now and then the clouds win the battle for a short time. It is still morning, so it may, yet, overcome all resistance. Hope so.

I’ve been to the movies three times in the past week, but didn’t see anything worth seeing. We’ve had quite a few mystery pictures lately, but I don’t enjoy them too well.

According to Marianni, Ced, as usual, practically outdid himself in his Christmas Box. His ideas are always so practical and yet good that it is a truly great pleasure to receive anything from him. Even his letters. Which reminds me, I should write to him.

Plans to see Dan or the other fellows in Paris are no more mature than they were last time I wrote, but I’m still hoping.

Interesting news items of the past week are nil, and therefore I don’t have much to write about.

I just read through a bunch of Marian’s letters looking for an inspiration, but found none, so I guess I’ll just have to quit.

Give my love to Aunt Betty and Jean and remember me to anyone so interested. I’ll take care of Marian’s interest, I hope.

Lots of love, luck and good health, Dad – as ever


P.S. I forgot an Easter Wish to you-all. On paper, that is. I thought it many times this morning.

Tomorrow, a letter from Grandpa to his sons with no quotes and no local news to forward, therefore, a “skinny” letter. Wednesday through Friday, another letter from Grandpa, with a bit more news and some quotes from Dan and Lad.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Army Life – Easter Letter From Lad – April, 1945

  1. I am amazed at how posts survived across the Atlantic during the war. A POW card from Thailand from my father to my mother (one of only four during the war) reached England and was posted on to my grandparents in San Francisco. It was posted back to England, and we still have it! The second card filled the same route.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilary – That is truly amazing… but the military has always done an incredible job with mail. There have been stories of letters arriving 40 years late, but they did arrive !!! 🙂

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