Trumbull – Dear Doggies (2) – Two Boxes And Some Local News – April, 1945

DBG - Paulette on Bike @ 1945 in France

Page 2     4/15/45

Another box was promptly dispatched to you during the week, Dan, which I hope will reach you before the war is over (or do I?). I am sorry to say I was unable to get a table cover of the size you wanted. Howland’s said they had had no oilcloth table covers for over a year. Read’s had one left, quite a bit smaller than you specified but I sent it along anyway. Howland’s had a very poor assortment of needle sizes, Read’s no needles at all, but I’m going to try some other stores. I also included in the box some more postage stamp assortments but the low price makes me wonder if any of the stamps will be of much interest to your perspective brother-in-law. I did succeed in getting two laundry brushes and I also enclosed in the box another of your shirts and a small box of writing paper for Paulette, with the initial V on the sheets.

And while I am on the subject of boxes, I am sending pretty soon one to Dave. I read in Ernie Pile’s account of his landing on Okinawa that he was practically eaten up the first night with mosquitoes, and while it may be that the Army furnishes you boys with mosquito netting, it seemed worth the chance, so I ups and buys enough for one cot cover, but as it did not come very wide, I got a double length so that you can employ some of your time, Dave, in plying needle and thread. Just as a bit of a novelty, I put in Dan’s package and will also include in yours, a can of popping corn and a bottle of oil (I suppose you can get salt) so that to vary the monotony some night, you can have a corn popping party if you can find or devise some form of popper. AND, Dan, this week I also instructed Davis & Hawley to mail to you, insured, a package containing an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The girls are fearful that the size is too small but supposedly the jewelers followed the instructions you sent as to what the ring size should be. I hope both Paulette and yourself will be satisfied with the efforts of the joint purchasing commission which consisted of Marian, Jean and yours truly. Anyway, we think we did pretty well.

In today’s Sunday Post there is a picture of Sgt. Benjamin A. Slauson, and quote: “Mrs. Benjamin A. Slauson, of Main Street, has received word from Lieut. Gen. George C. Kenny, U S A commander, that her son, Staff Sergeant Benjamin A. Slauson, was decorated with the Bronze Star medal in recognition of courageous service to his combat organization. He was cited for heroic achievement in connection with military operation against the enemy at Dulag Harbor, Leyte, P.I., on Nov. 12, 1944. He was a crew member aboard a ship when an enemy airplane made a suicidal dive and crashed into his vessel, killing 89 men and seriously wounding 100 others. When two explosions started fire in the stern, hurling shrapnel and debris about the ship, Slauson and other crew members hastened to the aid of the injured and extricated the wounded from the flames and wreckage and fought fires with shrapnel-riddled hose until a naval vessel came to their aid. Sgt. Slauson enlisted in the service five years ago and has been in the Pacific two years. Prior to entering the service he was employed at the Stanley Works and was a graduate of Bassick High School. He is 25 years of age.”

I also received the following in the mail this week: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fowler requested the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Mildred Elizabeth, to Ensign Harold Stacy Kercher, U.S.N.R., on Saturday, April 28th at Hamden, Conn.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish the week and this letter.

On Saturday and Sunday, more early memories of Trumbull from recorded memories of Grandpa’s children.

Judy Guion



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