The Beginning – Early Memories of Trumbull (9) – School Days

Before they died, I was able to record childhood memories of five of Grandpa’s six children. When Uncle Dan passed away, I knew I had to start the project quickly before we lost any others. These are some of their memories.

Cedric Duryee Guion

Cedric Duryee Guion

CED – In Trumbull, I went to the old Don Sirene’s house, which was a school. It had two rooms with a sliding door between them. The first, second and third grades were in one room, the fourth, fifth and sixth grades were in the other. The teachers were two sisters, one in each room. Miss Hawkins taught in the second building. That was the building that was moved. They put a basement under it and made some minor changes and made a firehouse out of it. We had outhouses outside – one for the boys and one for the girls. We had a water cooler, a 10 gallon jug with a pushbutton on the bottom, no ice and a wood stove. Both buildings had a wood stove – we kids used to get the wood for it.

When they opened Center School, I was in the fourth grade. It had four rooms upstairs and four rooms downstairs. It was shaped like a square.

At the Trumbull house, one of the things we used to do, one of the high points, had to do with the little trap door over the barn. We opened the door, tied a rope to the beam at the top of the barn, ran it down and tied it to the big Maple outside the Summer Terrace. We used to have a wheel on it and we would go out the door and hang from the wheel. We’d slide all the way down and get off by the Maple tree. A pretty fast ride, too.

We had a swing on the upper end of the property, near the stone pillars. We’d take hold of the rope, take a run and then swing out almost over the road. Don Stanley fell off and broke his arm. His father never really forgave us.

Elizabeth Westlin Guion (Biss)

Elizabeth Westlin Guion (Biss)

BISS – I really liked the Principal, at Center School, and I couldn’t wait for eighth grade to come so I could be with her. She retired to get married, either one or two years before that. I was in the sixth or seventh grade when she retired to get married. I was always mad at her, as I wasn’t able to have her as a teacher.

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

LAD – I don’t remember very much about any trouble I got into. Dick and Ced used to get into trouble. Mother would get a call from the police, or Constable, as they were called at the time. What their problems were I don’t remember, but they did get into trouble….Mother had to go get them a few times.

I do remember I used to ride one of the horses we had frequently, possibly every day or two, to go up to a house on the top of the second hill beyond Middlebrook School. There was a girl living there that I really liked. In fact, Bill Hennigan and I liked this girl very much. Ruth Moy was her name. I used to go up there on the horse and invariably, my mother would call and say, “Send Alfred home, it’s time for supper.”

We started high school in Congress High on Congress Avenue in Bridgeport. We went there for two years maybe, then they closed the school and made it into a junior high. All the high school kids moved across the street to Central High. Years later, some of the Trumbull kids went to Harding High, some to Central and some went to Bassick High School.


6 thoughts on “The Beginning – Early Memories of Trumbull (9) – School Days

  1. Made me remember my first school. I walked across our paddock and the school was on the other side. It had two rooms. I was in the ‘little ones’ room with Mrs Harrison and older children were in the other room with Mr Harrison. The ceilings were very high with rafters and swallows nesting there.

  2. These are great stories, Judy. My older brother and sister have written memoirs. Their accounts matched their personalities. My older brother is a retired UMC minister, so his is more wordy, no detail left out. My younger brother is not into the social media scene. He would have interesting insights. BTW, I dated a Ruth Moy in college in the late sixties.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Adam – One of the main reasons I began my blog is because we are losing the ability to write. It is such a gift to those who follow. The beauty is that so much can be learned about the writer in their written words. I have learned so much more about my Dad, Mom and Aunts and Uncles through their written word. The biggest gift was really getting to know my grandfather because I just didn’t appreciate the person he was when I was a child and young teen. What will our great-grandchildren know about their parents??? We should all be writing memories of our childhood especially, but also about our everyday lives. As my Grandpa stated in his introduction to his Reminiscences, history is so much more interesting when seen through the eyes of someone who actually lived through it.

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