Peabodys and Duryees – Birthday Greetings To Lad – March And April, 1941

Aunt Betty's birthday card to Lad - (front) - 1941

Aunt Betty's birthday card to Lad - 1941

I’m very glad your birthday’s due

And I can send this wish to you –

I’m glad we have the luck to be

Here in this Land of Liberty

Aunt Betty's birthday card to Lad - (note) - 1941

March 31, 1941

Dear Laddie,

I just realized last night that your birthday came on  3rd of April instead of the 6th as I have been thinking, and as it was late and I was sleepy so I waited until this morning to send you this letter, though I am up early, six o’clock to be exact, and hoping you will get this sometime in the near future if not on the day.

I have been having a very pleasant time here at the St. George (Hotel in Brooklyn, New York) and am more comfortable, as far as being warm is concerned, than I have ever been, and it is so convenient to go places from here. Dad and David came here this Sunday and we led them all through the hotel, from the pool to the roof.

I am still working every morning for the Hospital and British War Relief and meeting a bunch of fine women.

My cousin Elizabeth, 97 years young, is just around the corner with her niece, who looks after her, and they are making my stay in Brooklyn very enjoyable. Every Sunday I spend the afternoon with them staying to supper.

They have taken me to several card parties and the theater once.

Saturday before last I went over to the Battery and enjoyed the walks around there and seeing the harbor with all the shipping going on, visited the Aquarium and seeing the electric eels and penguins, along other interesting fish. Sometime soon I want to take the little boat to see the Statue of Liberty and then to take the trip by boat to Staten Island, which is a fine trip, especially if you go late in the afternoon and on the return trip view the city as it is all lighted up.

I am looking forward to your homecoming in June. I may go up to Trumbull for the whole summer anyway and will see you then.

Love and the best wishes for a very happy year.

Aunt Betty (Duryee)

Two more birthday cards received by Lad for his 27th birthday.

Lad - birthday card from Marian and Burr Davis - (front) - 1941

Lad - birthday carde from Marian and Burr Davis - (inside) - 1941

I rushed out for a card on your BIRTHDAY

But MOST cards were flowers and birds

“Come come,” I said, “where’s one with ACTION?”

(Cause actions speak louder than words.)

Well, they showed me a lot that were SNAPPY

And I looked and I pawed through a gang

And I FINALLY found this one to wish you

A day that goes off with a BANG !

Marian and Burr Davis

Lad - Birthday card from Spanish classmates - (front) - 1941

Lad - birthday card from Spanish classmates - (inside) - 1941

TA – RA – RA – BOOM – DE – AY

Hope you have a happy day

And just for luck

WI’ll play this on

Your Ta – ra – ra – BOOM – de – Ay !

From your fellow Spanish classmates

Lad wrote on the back of this one:


April 3, 1941

I’ll finish out the week with two more leters from Grandpa to his 3 sons, away from home.

On Saturday and Sunday, another installment of early Trumbull memories by the children.

Judy Guion

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