Trumbull – Dear Descendants – Hot Water Problems – April, 1945

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Trumbull, Conn., April 22, 1945

Dear Descendants:

Although sunshiny, today is a blustery, typical, March day. As I sit at my machine in the alcove the waving leaves between

Jean Mortensen Guion

Jean Mortensen Guion

me and the Maple tree make wavy patterns of alternate sunshine and shade on my paper. Correction. What I meant to say was the waving leaves on the Maple tree between me and the descending sun, etc. It is also

Marian Irwin

Marian Irwin Guion

cool enough so that both the burners lighted on the oil stove are necessary to make the room comfortable. Aunt Betty and I are alone today, both girls having gone gallivanting — Jean to visit a friend in Providence and Marian to New York to make the acquaintance of the wife of a friend (Army) of Lad’s, and herself, whom she has never met. They left yesterday and expect to be home early this evening.


Lilac Bush

Lilac Bush

As usual there is little news of local import to record. I was a bit premature in my estimate last week of the blossoming of the lilacs. Perhaps it is the cool weather we have had this week that has retarded their promised rapid development but if they don’t blow away in this wind, they will be ready to pluck this week, sure. However they are not nearly as plentiful this year as usual.

I don’t know whether I mentioned it or not in any of my recent letters but the electric hot water heater went flooey some weeks ago, the galvanized tank inside the casing having developed several rusty spots which eventually broke through so that one night when I came home, they told me they had had no hot water all day, and when going into the cellar to find the cause, I found the floor between the bottom of the cellar stairs and the furnace covered with water. The plumber, reporting that nothing could be done to repair the tank, I, next day, procured some stovepipe and connected up the little coal stove back of the furnace which has since given us a spasmodic hot water supply. The plumber thought he could obtain from the gas company a gas water heater to be connected with the Philgas tank but the Philgas deliveryman says their supply is “frozen” and they can’t connect any new apparatus, and besides, not having heard anything from the plumber, I suspect he was unable to get the gas tank. So last week I hunted around for an oil water heater and expect soon (I hope) to learn whether I can get one of these, the cost, capacity and other relevant data. Meantime we are getting along as best we can with an erratic hot water supply. Another item under the heading c’est le guerre, (this for Dan’s benefit).

Tomorrow’s post will be Dan’s letter to his father and his father’s comments. Wednesday and Thursday will finish out the rest of this letter and on Friday, a letter from Lad, stationed in southern France.

Judy Guion

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