Trumbull – Dear Descendants (3) – Rumors and Jobs – April, 1945

Grandpa continues his long letter to all of his sons who are scattered around the world – Lad and Dan in France, Ced in Alaska, Dick in Brazil, and Dave being transported somewhere and not able to mail any letters.


I don’t like to be a crêpe hanger. On the other hand there is percentage in overlooking the possibilities just because they are not what we desire. I refer to a rather persistent rumor that has had publicity in the papers and over the radio recently, that as soon as the mess in Germany is cleared up, many of the boys will be shipped direct from Europe to the Pacific area, the argument being that the sooner we clean up the Japs the more lives of American boys will be saved, and of course time will be saved by transporting from Europe to the Far East then going by way of the Panama Canal, to say nothing of having a furlough home for a few months. There is nothing official of course, and it may be just the vaporings of a bunch of pessimists, but it will fortify us in adversity if something like that should happen and will make us correspondingly joyful if the rumor proves to be entirely false.

Mrs. Sirene called up one day during the week and said she had received a letter from Catherine Warden saying that Paul, who had thought he had been permanently stationed at Oklahoma for the duration, had now been ordered into active service area, and as they don’t like it in Oklahoma and only went there in the first place to be with Paul, Mrs. S. was inquiring if anyone knew of a place where they could stay if they came back to Trumbull. To come back here is out of the question, for a while at least, as the young folks now in the apartment have spent considerable time and effort and money in fixing the place up, decorating and getting drapes, etc., and the moral obligation of allowing them to enjoy the fruit of their efforts is greater than that of having the Wardens back again. The only possible string the Wardens might have, for a moral claim of any sort, is the fact that the Wardens furniture is being used by the present occupants. What to do, when and if, is something I am not going to bother about now or at all, until I know something much more definite than the hearsay report so far at hand.

With the capture of Berlin by the Russians imminent, we over here are thinking quite definitely of the problem of jobs for the returning veterans. Numerous local efforts are being made to care for the boys by their home communities to tide over the time that must elapse until the so-called G. I. Bill of Rights becomes operative. Just lately, I have, through my office, handled jobs for the purpose of collecting funds in Stratford and Fairfield for this purpose. The general feeling seems to be that enough cannot be done for you boys, but it is all rather indefinite at present.

I’ll post the conclusion tomorrow. On Friday, I’ll post a letter from Lad in southern France.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Early memories of Trumbull from the children.

Judy Guion


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