Trumbull – Dear Descendants (4) – I am Back of You Morally and Financially – April, 1945

This is the conclusion of a long letter from Grandpa to his sons. 

Trumbull House - Grandpa and kids - 1928 (2) Little Driveway view - 1928

As for my own boys, as I wrote you once before, you need feel no compulsion to immediately find your niche

Page 4  4/22/45

as far as a job is concerned. This is your home, both for you and your “spouse”. Headquarters where you can sleep and eat while you leisurely and without that sense of “must get something to do right away whether it is the right thing or not”. I can still supply the larder and your start in your life work, a bit tardy for you older ones due to wars interlude, is too important to permit of hurried decisions, so set your mind at rest and take your time in thoroughly investigating this and that until you are satisfied that it is the best the market has to offer you. And of course I don’t need to mention that under no circumstances, no matter how long the waiting period, you need feel no sense of obligation. I have had to do without you all so long that the longer you stay the better I will be please. I do think it wise, as you know from my frequent mention of the subject in the past, that you think seriously of what you want to do, and no matter what the cost, make that your goal. As long as I am here I am back of you morally and financially.

I know I would hear from young Dave if it were possible for him to write. It is about three weeks now since his last letter and I hope another will arrive before long. You will be interested to know Dave, that for the first time in many months, the young folks are here tonight giving the pianola rolls some exercise. It seems that young Lester Knecht, who has been working for Ed Dolan at the gas station, is being given a farewell party tonight, preparatory to his going into the Navy, and Bob Jennings dropped in to ask if they could all come here afterwards as of old. Of course I said Yes. With Bob was Kenny LaMond, but I hardly recognized him. He is 6’4” tall. Bob also said he met George Kermode who is married, has a pretty wife, and is now a second lieutenant, piloting a pursuit plane and is stationed at some field in Texas.

Ced, a salesman from some trade paper publisher was in to see me the other day and was quite enthusiastic about some airplane book his company had just published. He offered to send me a copy but I told him I would rather have it sent to you, which he promised to do. So if it arrives, you will know the reason.

Lad, if there are any trade papers in a particular field, electronic diesel, or any other industry, that you would be interested in having me send, just give me the word.

Dick, if there is any information of any sort I can send you, all you need do is give the proper signal in a letter to Jean or more welcome still, to me direct.

To all of you, any time, let me be useful to all of you as far as I can, and thus, make me a particularly happy,


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a letter from Lad to Grandpa from southern France.

On Saturday and Sunday, more early memories of Trumbull.

Next week, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1941.  Lad is getting closer to his trip home after two and a half years in Venezuela and Dick has delivered a car to his older brothers,  Dan and Ced, in Alaska. He will be staying there as well. Dave is starting his Sophomore year in high school, helps Grandpa at his Advertising and Printing business and remains the only child at home.

Judy Guion


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