Life In Venezuela – A Job Offer For Lad – April, 1941

Lad has been in Venezuela for two years and four months and is entitled to a vacation in weeks. He intends to return to Trumbull during that time. He is undecided as to his plans after he reaches the United States. This letter is an offer from the company he works for.

Blog - Lad in Venezuela walking in field (cropped)

Anzoategui Canp

April 24, 1941

Mr. A. P. Guion


Dear Mr. Guion:

In a recent conversation you informed the undersigned that upon the expiry of the foreign vacation to which you are now entitled you thought that on account of the improved conditions in the United States it would not be worth your while to return to Venezuela for a salary of less than $300 per month. This would represent an increase over your present salary of $75 per month and over $100 per month over your salary rate as of December, 1940.

We have talked this matter over and do not think you will be surprised to learn that such an increase has been considered to be out of the question. We are, however, prepared to offer you a salary of $250 per month, which would be effective on the date of your return from vacation, and we are furthermore willing to give you a period of 30 days counting from the commencement of your vacation to consider this offer. Should we not hear from you by the end of that period we shall take it for granted that you do not intend to return and shall proceed to look for someone to take over your duties in our Pariaguan Garage.

We take this opportunity of advising you that it will be convenient to the company for you to commence your vacation towards the end of next month and hope this arrangement will also be suitable to you.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours Very Truly,

Blog - Lad's vacation - JH Wardlow's signature

J. H. Wardlow


Cc Mr. H. O. Fry

Mr. W. R. Cosh

Mr. C. T. Leander

For the rest of the week I’ll be posting letters from Grandpa to his four sons, Lad in Venezuela and Dan, Ced and Dick in Alaska.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Life In Venezuela – A Job Offer For Lad – April, 1941

  1. Gallivanta says:

    I wonder what Lad would make of the current situation in Venezuela.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – That’s a really good question. He was not active in politics like his father, or politically outspoken like Dave, He had strong convictions – he would NEVER make a promise because he didn’t EVER want to break it and wouldn’t know if he would be able to keep it until the moment he had to – I think he would be upset and concerned but no one would know how he felt.

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