Trumbull – Lad’s Sailing Date Postponed (1) – April, 1941

R-127  April 27, 1941

Dear Alaskans:

Lad writes in the letter received Monday: It looks as though my sailing date has been postponed, but I have told the company that under no circumstances do I want to stay later than July 1. Chris is going to Caracas tomorrow and will probably bring back more definite news. I’ll let you know by the next mail, I hope, just how things stand. I have completed my trip to El Callao and had a wonderful time. Brought back some gold nuggets and a few trinkets. Full details will follow. I’m fine and hope you are the same.

Lad - LAD bracelet in gold

I believe this ID bracelet with the name LAD on the front and


was made either on this trip to

El Callao or shortly thereafter. 

You can see two gold nuggets in the bracelet and I wear it every day.

As you may surmise I am quite disappointed that there are some compensating factors which I will outline in my letter. Lad.

On the same day Lad wrote the aforesaid letter I received your delightful letters, Dan and Dick, written on the same day. (What I mean to say is that both you boys and Lad wrote on the same day, the 16th, although it took five days longer for mail to come from Alaska than from Venezuela). There is something radically wrong about the mail service to Alaska in view of Dick’s statement that no letters have been received for two weeks. You can definitely count on my mailing you letters without fail every Monday, come Hell or high water, so the fault is not at this end. Your letter, Dan, was all the more appreciated because it is the first word from you boys that Dick arrived, the car is not a total wreck, etc., although as I wrote last week I heard through secondhand sources that Dick had arrived, gotten a job and presumably the car had reached you also. I will confess that my nerves were a bit on edge and have been for over a month on account of the car because all of Dick’s letters were quite discouraging about its condition and I felt the responsibility quite deeply. Day by day I was expecting word from one of you telling me my well-intentioned spending of your $400 was not a total flop and as weeks passed and I heard of letters being received by lady friends and not a word to me about Dick, his job or the car, I was beginning to wonder if you were so disappointed that you didn’t have the heart to write, so you will see that your reassuring words have lifted quite a weight from my conscience, although I would still like to have more details as to just what is wrong, how much it will cost to fix up, etc.

Am glad you liked the contents of my trinket box. I am surprised that the South American book made a hit. I begged it for you from the travel Bureau of the Bridgeport City Trust Company. I am looking forward with pleasure to the colored films from Rochester. Lad has just had two S. A. films delivered from the same place which as yet I have not had time to run off. And now to you, Dick: with all the time you have on your hands I will very much appreciate your squeezing in a letter or two in between those you sent to Jean, telling me about yourself, the little everyday details, your impression of things, you’re getting a job, things that seem trivial and uninteresting every day details but which will help to let us at home see new things through your eyes. Your account, for instance, of the weather balloon procedure was very interesting, but there must be hundreds of impressions about your trip, Anchorage, the people you meet, etc., that would also furnish material for inexhaustible letters. I miss you quite a bit. I would like to have some of those heart-to-heart talks by letter. So don’t pass up your old Dad just because you can be sure of him, come what may.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the second page of this letter, addressed to Lad. I’ll be posting more letters from Grandpa to his boys for the rest of the week.

Judy Guion

4 thoughts on “Trumbull – Lad’s Sailing Date Postponed (1) – April, 1941

  1. Gallivanta says:

    How lovely to have that bracelet. A real treasure.

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