Army Life – Lad To His Father – Gas Ration Checks – Sept., 1942

APG - Lad to Dad - Sept. 23,, 1942 - gas ration cards

Sept. 23, 1942

Dear Dad: –

When I got gasoline from Carl Sunday, he did not want to take the 2nd period ration card checks, and suggested that I give them to you, which I forgot to do. I felt sure that I was forgetting something when I left last Sunday, and I guess that was what it was. So, enclosed, please find three checks which are due Carl. The gas has been paid for, and all you need to do is to give these checks to Carl. Thanks.

I am again on C.Q. for the evening and will therefore not get too much sleep tonight.

Nothing further has developed on the Californian Deal, except a lot of rumors.

The weather has been decidedly cool the last few days, and tonight seems to be no exception. The change has been drastic, and started on Sunday, but I suppose you have the same thing up there, so you know how it has been.

Nothing much of importance has happened so I have no news to write about.

My love to Aunt Betty –


I’ll finish this week with another letter from Grandpa to his sons with the local news.

Saturday and Sunday will be more early memories of Trumbull.

Next week, I’ll be posting letters from 1945 as Dan and Paulette’s wedding moves ever closer.

Judy Guion


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